Throwback (Musical) Thursday – I’m Drowning

Posted by SaraG on November 12, 2020


Often, when we go into watching survival shows, we assume that the trainees are all going to be the super young, raw talent types that have something to learn through the process – creating their story arch – or the occasional former idol that is just trying that one last time to make it work. But that just isn’t always the case. There are plenty of trainees that have the talent, yes, but that also have years of formal training and just haven’t yet had the opportunity to debut for one reason or another. Enter Ong Seung Woo.

With Produce 101 Season 2 we were blessed with the charming personality, silly sense of humor, and killer vocals of Fantagio’s acting trainee Ong Seung Woo. Having already graduated from University with degrees in dance and acting, Seung Woo had spent time as a professional street and B-boy dance team member and was also recognized as a skilled drummer. Eventually, after being very successful – but not annoyingly so – through the whole season, Seung Woo ranked 5th overall and debuted as part of Wanna One. He’s someone with the ’it’ factor and the skill earned from many years of grueling work and effort to justify it. 

Following the success of Wanna One, Seung Woo went on to debut as an actor in a couple of movies, several television shows, and a whole host of variety shows while at the same time releasing an EP, some singles, and a few contributions to OSTs as a solo artist. I’m telling you, he’s crazy mad talented and it’s not for nothing that he’s made it to my top fifty list for this year – and the year isn’t even over yet. 

Exhibit A as to why I love him? Check out the MV below. 


Gravity, Ong Seung Woo


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