Courts Releases Info on Produce 101

Posted by Stephanie on November 18, 2020


I don’t usually talk about stuff like this, but really interesting news was released regarding the court case for Produce 101. If you’re not up on what this is, Produce 101 and Produce 101 season one and two, Produce X 101 and Produce 48 were musical variety shows where trainees and lower-ranked idol group members join in an attempt to join a year-long supergroup, hopefully boosting their own or their group’s popularity. They train, perform, and are voted in and out by public vote.

Or at least that’s what was supposed to happen.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before rumors and accusations of voter manipulation circled, lawsuits were filed and the authorities got involved. Turns out? The rumors were true. It was found that several people were promoted (or shoved down) due to outside influences (think influence and MONEY). The courts did not look too favorably upon this to the tune of producers and agency reps being fined and getting prison time. Yeah, the Korean courts were not messing around with hoaxes and tomfoolery.

The rumors swirled who actually made it into these groups due to these dirty means. We figured it would only be a matter of time before the information was released, because who can keep that under a hat for long? The information would undoubtedly ruin careers and while you hate to see the ‘bad guys’ win, the whole thing is just sad.

However, for the first time, I’m actually really impressed with the Korean courts with how they handled it!

Instead of releasing the information of the people who made it into the groups this way, they decided to release the information of the people who were eliminated because of it. Such a smooth move! Think about it, this way sure, the people can probably bring their own lawsuits, attempting to get out of this whatever they can, but even better, these guys know they were not removed due to votes. The entire world knows that they were wrongfully terminated. While not as much power as getting into say, Wanna One, they will come out of this with some notoriety that they can capitalize on. Plus that feeling of vindication must feel really, really good right now.

The courts decided instead of casting blame on those who made it because I’m sure these guys aren’t the ‘bad guys’. These guys have so little control over their careers especially if they’re going on a show like this, a last-ditch effort, and the likelihood of them knowing what people or agencies were doing? Are probably pretty slim and yet they would be the ones who would carry the scars of the scandal for the rest of their careers…if they were able to have one after. Instead, the Korean courts decided to shine a light on those who have been done wrong in an effort to make it right.

Well done. (Of course, this is not me excusing your other cringy rulings I’ve read about, don’t even get me started Korean Court System!) 

Here is a listing I found from Soompi:

“Produce 101” (first round of voting): Kim Su Hyun, Seo Hye Lin

“Produce 101 Season 2” (first round of voting): Seong Hyun Woo (LIMITLESS’s A.M)

“Produce 101 Season 2” (fourth round of voting): Kang Dong Ho (NU’EST’s Baekho)

“Produce 48” (fourth round of voting): Lee Ga Eun, Han Cho Won

Actual final ranking: No. 5 Lee Ga Eun, No. 6 Han Cho Won
“Produce X 101” (first round of voting): Anzardi Timothee

“Produce X 101” (third round of voting): Kim Kook Heon (B.O.Y), Lee Jin Woo (GHOST9)

“Produce X 101” (fourth round of voting): Koo Jung Mo (CRAVITY), Lee Jin Hyuk (UP10TION), Keum Dong Hyun


My biggest surprise in there would be Baekho. Baekho was pushed down? Whaaht? I wonder what Pledis/Big Hit/Baekho will do with this information. Will they just let it go? Pursue legal options? I was going to say what for as it’s not like these producers now have the money they’d be looking for… but I wonder if they’d actually have a case against the production company or the networks?

It’s all very sad and incredibly interesting.

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