Throwback (Musical) Thursday – As If You Could

Posted by SaraG on November 19, 2020


Inspired by my KB Alix, I have spent the last several weeks nearly drowning in the supportive antics of modern-day and historical Chinese male leads. Mainland China has been dominating the market in the nearly anxiety-free romantic fluff that is seeing many of us through these pandemic times. While I have been consuming high school and college friends to lovers sports dramas, she has been eating up the epic tales springing from the martial world. This television turn of events has gotten me thinking about some of the Chinese Kpop idols I’ve enjoyed over the years and wondering why I haven’t been paying attention to them lately. 

Henry Lau is actually a Canadian born singer, songwriter, violinist, and actor who predominantly works out of Korea and China. He got his start on the main stage as part of Super Junior-M (The Chinese Unit of Super Junior) in 2008 and started on his solo career in 2013. Henry is made up of almost entirely smarts, good looks, and pure magnetic charm – making him a star on variety shows all over the place. He left SM in 2018 and founded his own studio, joining Monster Entertainment Group, and debuted as an actor in 2019. During the pandemic, he has been working hard at creating content on YouTube to keep himself busy and us all distracted from these, our trying times. He’s a saint. 

In 2018, Henry released the song Monster in all three of the languages in which he is fluent, English, Chinese, and Korean. It’s a pretty little sad love song with a black and white MV starring Henry made up to look beat up and upset. The effects are a bit overwrought and unnecessary when paired with the simplicity of the song, but this is SM, so it’s not unexpected. It’s a song about feeeeeelings, and I have them when I hear it. It does its job splendidly. 

Oh, and just so you know, he put out his third album yesterday. We should really check it out. 

Monster, Henry (Chinese Version)


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