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Posted by SaraG on November 23, 2020


Cover songs are some of the best Kpop content. I am a firm believer in this statement. And I am also aware that I’m acting like it’s controversial when it is clearly not. The reasons to love cover songs are many, reminders of lost loves, trying on a new concept, and having fun with remixing an oft-heard tune to name a very few. Some groups are masters at covers – killing it year after year when they’re asked to trot out an old hit or pay tribute to a celebrated senior group. Other groups just like to have fun and feed their fans in between comebacks with delightful YouTube content that requires only a few hours to learn the lyrics and choreo and a stylist some time to pull together the mood making ensembles. 

When I’m talking about lost loves up there in the intro paragraph, I mean both songs and artists. The sheer amount of music released every week makes it nearly impossible to remember what you were obsessing over a few months ago, let alone years. When all of the younger idols started doing their version of Dean’s Instagram I dedicated days to re-living every moment of his musical career up to that point. It was a heady and beautiful reunion and I regret nothing. Groups like A.C.E and ATEEZ are known for going all out on various stages to give us spot on remakes or re-imaginings of well-known songs, often incorporating OG elements or the artists themselves into the mix. While Oneus, Onewe, and TOO have been hard at work showing us their interpretation of chart-toppers done up in their practice rooms or with simple, low budget MVs. It’s all so fun and creative.

I am not a huge fan of BLACKPINK. Many, many people are and I won’t go into why this particular group doesn’t scratch my itch, but I will give them total props for being pros at what it is they do. They recently put out an eight-song album with the title track Lovesick Girls. I admit to not actually listening to it or watching the video for the first several weeks after the release. I was pretty sure I would know exactly what it sounded like based on the title and the styling. It’s not a bad thing, I can do that with a lot of groups I absolutely worship, it’s just years of experience in a formulaic genre. So I let it slide past me in the sea of a million things to watch. 

In fact, I only watched it today, right before I wrote this post. Because it was the right thing to do. 

Lovesick Girls, BLACKPINK

The reason I decided to do this song for the post though, is because of some of the covers of the song that have come out in the last week. All curled up on my couch long before the sun came up, one Ms. Alix dropped a link into a group chat taking us to Pentagon with their own rendition, Lovesick Boys. We all know that I am diehard Jinho biased in Pentagon, but that does not mean that I have been ignoring the others while he’s away doing his duty for Korea. In fact, I have been paying them plenty of attention. Daisy is working very hard to make it to my top 50 songs this year and I am intrigued by what they’ll do when Hui leaves in a few short day.

The cover, by the way, is killer good. So fun. So heartfelt. Worth every re-watch that Alix has given it this week. 

Lovesick Boys, Pentagon (BLACKPINK Cover)

The other cover worth sharing, and not just because every one of his covers is worth sharing, is Gaho’s version. Gaho of the power vocals and perfect amount of emotion in every word. Gaho of the sweeping re-mixes and the backing band. Gaho. sigh. There isn’t much to say beyond that. 

It’s fabulous. 

Lovesick Girls, Gaho (BLACKPINK Cover)


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  • Reply Stephanie November 24, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    Ms Alix had me listen to the Pentagon cover too! And the Gaho version… MWAH. So good

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