Khottie of the Week: VAV’s St. Van

Posted by Stephanie on November 24, 2020

Khottie of the Week

While a little late to the khottie party due to some scheduling issues, aaaaaaand after last week’s dilly-dallying over which VAV member I was going to choose, it seemed only appropriate for this week’s entry to the list be VAV’s St. Van. Now everyone say hello to VAV’s St. Van!

VAV St. Van Thrilla Killa

Hello St. Van!

I will give it to VAV for having some of the most interesting idol names.

VAV St. Van

St. Van just rolls off the tongue.

VAV St. Van

That’s a lie. It’s awkward.

VAV St. Van Thrilla Killa

Which makes it memorable!  So, bonus point VAV.

Then with BaRon?

Now BaRon does roll off the tongue and for some reason is way easier to type.

I want to say more things about the name BaRon, but that seems rude to Vav’s St. Van.

And since St. Van already suffered the indignity of being bumped last week for another member so, let’s focus.

I wonder how he came up with the name St. Van.

I’d guess, but after being wildly wrong about how many members were even IN VAV last week, I’m not going to chance it.

Looks like I’m going to have to go to VAV remedial school.


Luckily, I know just the teacher.

I will say I was for some reason delighted to find out that VAV has its own official Tumblr.

I can’t say as I’ve known a kpop group using that feature before.

Good job guys.

But again, I’m neglecting St. Van.

Fun fact about St. Van and an instant Stephanie allure?

His sleeve.

I’m a sucker for a sleeve.

VAV St. Van Tattoo

And an idol with a sleeve?

VAV St. Van Full Tattoo


VAV St. Van Tattoo

Look! St. Van is ready for Christmas.

VAV's St. Van Christmas

Maybe he asked Santa to buy him a new shirt.

VAV St. Van

No lie, I’m looking at these pictures that I pulled last week? Why did I move to another member?


I might now be eagerly anticipating that VAV class now.

Perhaps this is a group full of swoon!


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St. Van

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  • Reply SaraG November 24, 2020 at 7:08 pm

    You have no idea how great they are. Also, St. Van COOKS.

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