Making It Through The Holiday

Posted by Stephanie on November 26, 2020


This year blows. No doubt about it. No way around it. I’m sure many of you are experiencing very different holidays from what you’re used to. (Or, if you’re having a big family gathering anyway right now, let’s not be friends.) To some of you this is the worst thing in the whole world, holidays are a time for family, for friends. And you’re right. But let me assure you, as one of the many of us out there who this sort of holiday is the norm, you’re going to make it through. Here are a few of my tips to getting through and not getting burned.

  1. Some of you might pretend the holiday doesn’t exist at all. That’s cool. It happens. Here’s the thing, it’s still there, lurking, like that weird smell in the carpet of my new apartment. You can pretend you don’t notice, but eventually, you’re going to have to give in and shampoo that shit.
  2. Pick out a few holiday traditions to keep. Put up the tree on Christmas? Put that tree up! You’ve always loved that Suet Pudding your family makes? Make it for yourself! Guess what? That just means more leftovers for you.
  3. Throw yourself into the holiday. Like dive in. Headfirst. Become that OBNOXIOUS coworker who is so into the holiday season, you can hear the jingly bells on their unironic sweater vest as they march around the office. Challenge yourself into watching as many Hallmark Christmas movies as you can stomach. It’s Thanksgiving and I’ve watched EIGHT. Bake those cookies, drink that eggnog, hum those carrols. The Holidays Are Happening So Hop On Board. Choo-Choo Mofos.
  4. Choose a Christmas craft to gift to your friends. It’s amazing what sorts of crafts you can incorporate kpop or kdrama into! In previous years this has happened….
    And this
    This year? Well, this year’s Christmas craft is pretty solid and the first batch are in the mail! I’ll announce them as soon as it’s time! Christmas crafts, the planning, execution, and delivery are a great distraction!
  5. Plan exactly what purchase you’re going to make for …. yourself. Tomorrow I plan on hitting up the Korean Beauty sales (Peach and Lily or Soko Glam)and let me tell you, that requires planning and research. I also have my eye on a weighted blanket and maybe some sweet ass mixing bowls…. because I’m an adult who owns none.
  6. Begin new traditions for yourself! Traditions have to come from somewhere! Why not make a few new ones for yourself! Me? Now every Christmas I make my family mac and cheese recipe. It has hot dogs in it because I come from those sort of people. I watch a drama and eat hot cheese. Even last year, when I was at the McFeeley’s for the holiday, I brought with me my tradition.
  7. Reach out. Holidays are hard enough without having to do it alone. Reach out to friends, to loved ones, to random people on the internet. Take it from a cold, closed-off New Englander, its hard to say “I’m having a hard time” but it’s necessary and worth it. Your friends and family love you for a reason and want to help.
  8. Get out of the house! It’s possible, even with times like these. take a walk, go on a hike. Alix and I have tickets to go see the Christmas lights at the botanical garden on the 23rd. I’m gonna sneak in boozey hot chocolate and go see some pretty Christmas lights with my friend. That’s something to look forward to.
  9. Be kind to yourself. Need to stay in bed to read the whole day? Cool. Do so. You need to drown yourself in warm carbs? Even better. Want to do nothing but watch BL while chatting with friends? Yep, that’s a thing. We’re all just trying to get through so just be nice to yourself.

So, not technically a kdrama or kpop post but, I’ve been there guys and I wanted to say I give big hugs to you out there.

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