Throwback (Musical) Thanksgiving – For Next Year

Posted by SaraG on November 26, 2020


This year is weird and hard and painful for a million different reasons and in a bazillion different ways. It’s just universally kind of shitty. That does not mean that good things haven’t happened or that hard-fought wins shouldn’t be celebrated. There are a myriad of things to be thankful for as we sit down to our holiday meal today…holiday in the US, but I assume regardless of where you are, you are having a meal and you have something to be thankful for. 

As we experience record-breaking surges in COVID-19 cases and watch as our hospitals and morgues fill up to capacity and beyond, as we see our current president throwing a tantrum of epic proportions to the detriment of a graceful transition to new leadership, and as we take in the anger and pain of those within our communities working against systemic racism and socioeconomic prejudice, I think it’s important to think about the long term. We are celebrating without our loved ones this year because that means that we will be able to be with them next year. We voted in new leadership to hopefully better represent the majority of our country and to work with us rather than against us as we face all of these challenges. And we need to feel and experience the rage of hundreds of years of suffering in order to allow room for healing. 

Just like a good book or that perfect Kdrama, we have to get through the shitty stuff for the payoff. 

We are in chapter 14 of 20.

We are in episode 11 of 16.

We are going to have stories to tell our grandkids and things to unpack with our therapists. We are going to identify with history books and lament that the tales aren’t quite accurate. And we are going to be able to do all of those things because we went through this year and next year. We survived it all, maybe not quite as healthy, maybe drinking a little too much (or a lot too much), maybe missing some loved ones no longer with us, and maybe needing a whole lot of time to heal, but we survived. 

Yeah, I’m counting on us surviving the next 8-10 months and I’m pre-thankful for us having done so.  

As my gift to you, because I’m so thankful, I’m giving you this little song because it makes me happy. Extremely happy. 

Blooming Day, EXO-CBX


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  • Reply Stephanie November 26, 2020 at 2:42 pm

    Because you deserve to be happy, my friend.

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