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Posted by SaraG on November 30, 2020


Every season is concert season when you’re into music. When I was new to Kpop, as I’ve mentioned before, it was a very inexpensive hobby – or lifestyle if we’re being honest – as there were no stores selling physical albums where I lived, concerts just weren’t a thing anywhere, let alone my home town, and I wasn’t into online shopping back in the day. But over time, all of those things changed. Not only do some of our records stores – and even big box stores – now sell some of the more popular Kpop, we have a developer putting in a Korean Mall not too far from my house, music store included. Concerts in recent years have been coming in overwhelming numbers (for my PTO and my bank account – one of my biggest expenses if we’re honest), and I’ve discovered just how much I love shopping in my pjs on my laptop. 

But of course, The impacts of COVID-19 on our way of life goes far beyond protecting our health. We aren’t really going out to stores to browse and impulse buy (or we shouldn’t be…please don’t do that), we aren’t traveling or holding large gatherings, and my online shopping has increased to what I like to refer to as comfort binging. Let’s just say that my home office is basically fully decked out. We’ve lost nearly four seasons of live music consumption and have at least two more to go before we’ve reduced the risk to a more palatable level for most of us. 

But within only a matter of months, or for some, weeks, of social distancing and strict public health orders, our forward-thinking lords of Kpop figured out that no large gatherings does not mean an end to all events. It just means in-person events. So we’ve gotten two virtual Kcons, tons of concerts, and fan meetings the likes we don’t often get to experience living outside of Korea. 

And Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday morning, I got to do both for two groups I positively adore. First up, at the outrageously appropriate time of 9:00 pm MST, Oneus held an online concert featuring special guest Onewe. The concert was titled Crush ON Us with a fancy ‘o’ that I am too lazy to figure out how to type. The meaning of the title, as made clear by the members, is that they are literally asking for us to fall in love with them. Too late, gents, that happened long ago. They performed all of the big hits, had two awesome sets, and played a very limited number of games. And as a bonus, they showed some behind the scenes footage of concert preparations before their final encore. All told, the show lasted almost a full three hours. That’s a looooong show…especially for our East Coast Friends. 

Bonus, Oneus tucked us in with the teaser for their next comeback single BBUSYEO. YAY!!

BBUSYEO, Onus (MV Teaser)

The length of that show didn’t phase me, though normally I might have called it quicks by 11:30 because I’m a very sleepy lady. But last night, that wasn’t the case. I mean, I was tired, but even with the show ending at midnight, I had hours to go before I could settle into bed fully satisfied. You see, I ALSO had tickets for the 2:00 am MST Nu’est Love Page virtual fan meeting. That’s right friends, my sweet, sweet bias group blessed us with games, interview questions, anecdotes, and stages – kicking it off with Hello and wrapping it up with their fan song Shooting Star. It was a damned delight. My only regret is falling asleep for about 20 minutes there in the middle. That was a bummer, but my own fault for deciding to wrap myself in a blanket and lay on the couch for a minute. Whoops. 

They did all of the recent big hits during the concert portion of the show and killed it in gorgeous dark purple leather suits with black accents. I may have died a little. The last big number before the cozy final encore in black hoodies was Drive, their most recent Japanese comeback. I admit I did pay an exorbitant amount to get my hands on the album. It’s just so good and they deserve my moolah. They work so hard. 

Drive, Nu’est

Interpark and Weverse cut the stream at about 4:40 am MST when it was obvious the members were just playing around with their light sticks in the dark on the stage. I crawled into bed about twenty minutes later, tuckered out, full of love, and ears ringing with some of my favorite songs. 

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