Kpop’s First Covid Hits

Posted by Stephanie on December 1, 2020


We all knew it was only a matter of time, right? Close call after close call, smart decisions, dumb decisions, unfortunately, it was going to happen and now it has. Kpop has its first COVID cases. 

It was announced that Up10tion’s Bitto and Kogyeol have tested positive for the virus. Yikes. Poor eggs. SaraG and I were just talking about Up10tion when we recorded a lunch and learn MCND podcast. (They share the same agency.) Luckily, so far, all the other groups have tested negative and are now in the mandatory two-week quarantine process. Now the countdown begins. My guess is they are going to be watched like hawks, looking for symptoms, getting many tests done. These groups live in such close contact, we know, we see the videos, we’ll be lucky if it ends up being just the two. 

I hope Bitto and Kogyeol are okay! Apparently, it was Bitto first and then Kogyeol. I wonder if anyone was sick? Or if they came into contact with anyone who was sick? Or do kpop groups now just have random COVID testing? Part of me hopes it’s the last. That they are part of the “Woah, I have COVID?” camp. 

The management company, Top Media, has also gone on to test anyone the group has come into contact with, managers, stylists, makeup, and other people on the label (like the boys of MCND) have all tested negative so far. 

I know I can’t be the only ones who see performances, or variety shows and wince a little bit when you see people without masks, sure, the members all live together, but on the idol shows, they are definitely dancing around, breathing on and being breathed on by any number of backup dancers. Or variety shows where you see them sharing food ect. I love you, Kbob Star, but you know this is true. Sometimes I’ll be watching something and will literally have to remind myself that it’s an older show when I gasp and wonder where everyone’s mask is, or everyone shares the same eating utensils. A kinder and less scary time and place. 

South Korea has done a really good job on the spread of COVID and I hope that this is an outlier rather than the start of idol COVID cases. 

Get better boys! Stay safe idols! 


Update since I wrote this yesterday: EVERGLOW’s Yiren And Sihyeon tested positive for COVID, the rest of their group are now self quarantined. The tricky thing here is, within the window, they were on Sketchbook, a music show with other guests, casts, and staff. Uhoh. Fingers crossed, girls!

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