Throwback (Musical) Thursday – More Caffeine

Posted by SaraG on December 3, 2020


I am no longer a super resilient young adult able to bounce back from a night of lost sleep or a splurgey holiday full of carbs and sugar. These things take their toll and I require something a little extra to get me through a couple of days after those indulgences. No, I don’t mean speed, though I’m sure that would help, I mean bonus caffeine on top of my normal daily dose. As I was sitting down to write this post, mentally scanning the possible songs, I was also very carefully weighing and measuring the benefits and risks of a second Coke Zero in my day. Which made me think about other sources of caffeine as alternatives. Which made me think of coffee. I dislike coffee as a beverage but I LOVE it as a song. 

Throwback topic identified. 

Coffee is an early 2020 collab done by former Chinese EXO members Luhan and Kris Wu…former EXO members, not former Chinese men. To be clear, they are still Chinese men. The song is a fabulously chill little tune that kind of bounces through Luhan’s lyrics and highlights the best bits of Kris’s rap style. It’s no mistake that these guys were originally part of one of the most globally popular groups of the last decade and, despite that messy divorce, remain hugely popular in Chine and many other countries around the world. This song feels effortless and easy while still managing to be immensely satisfying. 

Without a doubt, it’s on my top 50 songs this year. That’s for sure. 

Coffee, Luhan and Kris Wu


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