Episode 258: Catching Up On So Many Shows

Posted by Stephanie on December 4, 2020


Turns out, for better or worse, Stephanie has learned how to just sit there and just watch TV for hours on end! This means she has so many dramas to talk bout she actually has to narrow it down just to the shows she’s finished since the last time she talked about what she’s watching and shows she’s LOVED like Hey Sensei, Still 2Gether, Love By Chance 2, The Devil Punisher, and one she’d really like for you to watch, Like In The Movies. (She told you she’s watching a lot!)

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Listener Question

If you have a listener question you’d like to ask us, be it drama related, casting, recommendations, really anything you can think of, please let us know. We can be reached via our website contact form.

Dramas Mentioned

Cherry Magic
Your Gown and My Gear
Ben x Jim
Boys Lockdown
Tonhon Chonlatee
Boyband Love
Advance Bravely
My Day
Like In The Movies
Craving You
Theory of Love – Extra Episode
Still 2gether
Love By Chance
Love By Chance 2
Hey Sensei
Devil Punisher
Lost Love

People Mentioned


Promised Items

Advent Calendars

Flowsik Wishing Stephanie a Happy Birthday!


Stephanie should apologize to the following:
  • The Devil Punisher. Every single time she thinks you’re named The Demon Punisher. Though she thinks we can all agree The Demon Punisher would have been cooler.
  • Listeners, for all the heavy breathing. Thing is she took the little foam thing off her mike as she realized she’d been working and eating with the mike on and it got gross. Plan was to wash it, put it back on… and then apparently she put the foam thing in a very SAFE PLACE. A Very Very Safe Place.
  • Listeners. You’re about to sit through so many dramas, so many dramas that Stephanie feels the need to gush over. That has to be boring for you.
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 

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