Jhottie of the Week: Akaso Eiji

Posted by Stephanie on December 7, 2020

Khottie of the Week

Akaso EijiI know that this might come as a shock to you, but I may have watched a show that was NOT a BL. Gasp! Right? I can not tell a lie, it was primarily due the the dreamy power of the hero, Akaso Eiji. This of course means was he destined to become this weeks’ Jhottie.

Akaso Eiji.

Dreamy swoon.

Akaso Eiji

If you’re wondering the show is called Hey Sensei, and its delightful.

Hey Sensei

Seriously, its a dreamy bit of whatnot where the hero spends all his screentime just staring besottedly at the heroine.

Hey Sensei

I’d do a review.

Hey Sensei

But that’s seriously the whole plot.

Akaso Eiji

They meet, he falls in love.

No angst happens.

Akaso Eiji

Six episodes later the show ends.

It was exactly what my life needed.

Though it was funny while watching it.

I was like, this guy looks familiar.

Turns out.

He has a BL link.

Akaso Eiji is in the currently airing and equally delightful Cherry Magic

Cherry Magic

I mean, I ASSUME its delightful as we stopped watching after episode three.

Akaso Eiji

Not because we disliked it.

Cherry Magic

But because we liked it so much we wanted to wait and watch it with SaraG.

Because we knew she’d appreciate it.


Taking one for the team.

Putting something aside because you want to experience it with your friend.

I mean, luckily, I have Hey Sensei to hold me over for cuteness…

Otherwise, would I have caved?

Good thing we’ll never know!

Akaso Eiji

Serious Dreamy Swoon.

Follow Akaso Eiji on Instagram at akasoeiji

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