Throwback (Musical) Thursday – It’s Time to Pry Open the Wallets

Posted by SaraG on December 10, 2020



Though I’ve been around the Kpop scene for a great many years, there are still a few trappings that I have failed to be captured by. I don’t own a light stick from any group or artist, I haven’t joined any official fan clubs, and I own exactly one Seasons Greetings or SG that just somehow managed to find it’s way into my clutches last year. These are all expensive endeavors – especially when you’re an international fan and have all of those shipping costs added on top. And when you open the flood gates you often find that you can’t just have one of any of these things when you love multiple groups. This year though, my online shopping has gotten a smidge out of control, and that coupled with the joy the Nu’est calendar on my desk from their 2020 Nu’Annual brings me, has had me scrolling through the SGs for sale on various sites and at a multitude of price points – all excessive when you add on that shipping I mentioned earlier. 

For those that haven’t yet been exposed to these annual treats, a Seasons Greetings is basically a gift released by Kpop groups (and by gift I mean up for purchase) at the end of the year to be used in the next year. Typically, the box of goodies will contain a calendar, photo cards, a photobook, potentially a making-of DVD, and likely some other bits of schwag you might not think of as something you NEED until you see it offered in the preview – things like a journal, a handkerchief, washi tape, or something like that.

This year, as I continue to diligently surround myself with things that give me happiness in these oh so crappy times, I’ve decided to indulge in a couple of SGs from my fav groups. So, very early in the morning before I embarked on some chore I didn’t particularly want to do, I pulled up the appropriate websites and laid down the cash for the pre-order on the A.C.E SG and, as they didn’t put one out this year, invested in some somewhat similar Nu’est merch on the Weverse shop app – a calendar that comes with some photos cards and something or other I can’t remember but must have seemed important to me at the time. Whoops. 

I feel good about these purchases. I really do love these groups and they’ve been my top two long enough that I feel justified in dropping the cash and confident that I will continue prioritizing them into 2021 and beyond. I won’t feel sad about staring at their calendars for the next twelve months. There are other groups that I adore, but these two in particular hold a very special and specific place in my heart and wallet. 

But then this week, the week I’m dropping all sorts of money on Christmas gifts for family and friends, I’ve been listening almost exclusively to Jeong Sewoon. He’s the perfect soundtrack to mass vaccination planning and staff tracking. He softened the blow of re-entry from time off back to work, and he’s provided my little home office a wonderfully warm atmosphere as I toil away for a good ten hours or so a day. My goodness, I do love him. And my goodness, I am incredibly tempted by his absolutely adorable SG for 2021. Like, INCREDIBLY tempted. 

I just miiiiiight have to get it. Maybe. 

How badly do I need to know the date that I’m willing to pay another almost $60 for a calendar??

In honor of this temptation, I’m going to share with you one of my very fav sewoon songs from 2019, Lie Lie Lie as performed live on a cute little YouTube show hosted by Kim Jaehwan (their chemistry on the show was unreal adorable) and backed by the show’s band. Take a peek at the band’s leader…it’s Gaho on keys!! So many good things. 

Lie Lie Lie, Jeong Sewoon

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