Khottie of the Week: Khotties in Sweaters!

Posted by Stephanie on December 13, 2020

Khottie of the Week

I don’t know where you are, but here in Denver? BRRRRR… It’s cold in here! Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve hit a cold snap, and all I want to do is sit under a blanket, drinking warm beverages, being all cozy. While deciding just who to choose for Khottie this week, I decided, why not continue the theme with a theme post, Khotties in sweaters. Essentially take cute idols, stick them in warm and cozy sweaters and call it a day. And turns out, we had plenty to choose from. Are you ready for some warm and fuzzies?

Victon – Seungsik. this one, I just love the sweater and wish I could own it. And I mean, the cutie is cute too!

ATEEZ – Mingi. Mingi looks all sorts of warm and cozy in his sweater and overcoat. The glasses are a nice add. All the better to read with as you snuggle under that blanket!

Astro. Oddly, turns out, Astro, like us, LOVE sweaters, and there were so many to chose from. This is a group I can get behind.

A.C.E – Wow. Wow is bringing the holidays in with his reindeer look. Let’s discuss those reindeer games!

SF9 – Chani. I actually sent this one to SaraG last night, I believe the exact words were, look at this sweater, don’t you just want this sweater? Queue discussion on sweaters. I think this shows just how cold both of us were.

NCT – Taeyong. MoooooOOOooo. That is all.

VAV. In these sweaters and scarf, VAV could probably lure me to go outside…. nope. Sorry boys, not tonight.

JBJ95 rocking some sweaters with a vintage vibe.

AB6IX – Daehwi. I had to ask SaraG “Who Dis?” she was happy to fill me in. Ooh wearing sweaters outside, sitting on a patio, in the warm sunshine? That sounds lovely.

Nu’est – Baekho. I didn’t have to ask anyone about anything here. Baekho had a lot of sweater shots to choose from, but I love the peek of tattoo in this one.

JBJ – Kenta. Orange! Orange! Orange! As orange is my favorite color, Kenta has announced his intentions to woo.

WayV – Lucas. Put those eyes away, Lucas! You’ve already wooed me.

Ash Island, this sweater seems cold. You may have missed the point of wearing a sweater.

Monsta X – Jooheon. Not Jooheon though, Jooheon jumped right over sweater and went right to fuzzy hoody. I think I need one of these, and I’m not just talking the hoody!

A.C.E – Jun. Could I also get one of these in my cart???

NCT – Johnny. This sweater seems…structurally complex. Should a sweater be this complicated?

Pentagon – Yeo One. This pic says, while we’re wearing sweaters, warm days are going to come again. A nice thought Yeo One.

Kuanlin. This add is simply for Alix’s pleasure, Look away everyone, Look away!

Actually, per Alix the previous picture we had was NOT Kuanlin, she has no idea who that guy is, so this, THIS she assures me is the real Kuanlin.




Imfact – Jeup. Ever have one of those pics that make you stop and go, woah, who are you, who is your group, can I bias you right now? This is one fo those pics.

Oneus – Xion. Awwww Jooyeon has a hoody buddy!

ATEEZ – Yunho. Yunho, stop it, just stop it. You’re killing me here. I want to be warm, not dead.

So how was that? Feeling any warmer?


  • Reply humbledaisy December 16, 2020 at 1:02 pm

    I thought I was just having a hot flash – maybe I’ve been hanging out here too much!

    • Reply Stephanie December 17, 2020 at 12:13 am

      It’s gettin’ hot in hrrrrr…. oh wait, its just the sweater.

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