Immediate Liar With Uncanny Counter

Posted by Stephanie on December 16, 2020


Uncanny Counter Poster

Last week I had a fun post where I declared from the rooftops I DO NOT WATCH KDRAMA! Instead, listing out the Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese shows I’m watching. After I called it a day on the post, I went to Netflix to figure out what I wanted to watch that night, got excited about a Korean show they are simulcasting …and immediately started watching. Not even 10 minutes later and Uncanny Counter made a liar out of me.

Have you been watching the show? There are quite a few episodes out, so it’s been going on for a while. After getting so excited about it when I first wrote the show was coming, I hate to say it, but I completely forgot about it! So seeing it simulcasting on Netflix was a big shock.

I’ve watched the first two episodes and I’m happy to say it’s a lot of fun! I wasn’t sure when it first started as, like any Kdrama, it starts in the past with the hero’s tragic backstory. In this case, he’s a kid with cop parents who is mostly grown up by his grandparents. Bad guys come, kill (possibly) his dad’s partner (or friend), as he warns them that someone is after them. BAM! Their car gets hit by a truck, killing the parents instantly and injuring the little boy until he can’t walk properly, having to use a cane.

Jump forward so many years, boy is now in high school, living with his grandparents who he loves dearly, and helps take care of his grandmother who has dementia and doesn’t recognize him. Don’t worry though, he’s a happy go lucky sort who deals with it well and has two of the best friends ever. Seeing the friends together, and how they deal with each other, just gives you the warm and fuzzies.

Flip there to the local hot spot noodle shop where there’s a line to get in the door, run by a bunch of mysterious, curly-haired people. The girl senses trouble in the force, they run out of their busy business telling the customers to lock up when they are done, and they are off to hunt ghosts who inhabit evil people, tempt them to kill,¬† and then eat the souls of the dead.

Nom. Nom.

Uncanny Counter Poster

This is the setup, Things go down, hijinks ensue and our guy is offered a spot as the newest ‘counter’. The show has action, family drama, all sorts of feelings, and of course a mystery of what happened to his parents and the stories behind the other counters themselves. The effects are fun and the acting is well done. The episodes are a little long though…Kdrama, why you do us that way? It’s just hard to make myself sit there for that amount of time. Sure, I’ll enjoy it once I”m there, but going in there knowing the episode is so long, that I’m only, if I’m lucky, going to get one in per sitting? Makes it hard to actually start it.

However, the writers do a really good job of connecting you to Mun within those first episodes. He’s humanized and you care for him. He loves his family, misses his parents, and wants to help out his friends when he finds out they are being bullied. Being bullied and not telling him because they’re willing to take the abuse silently rather than getting him mixed up in it.

I’m more interested in the counter part of the storyline, him learning about his abilities, the ghost story of the week episodes than I am the overarching storyline. Two episodes in, we know about the parents, and how the amnesiac counter connects to them, and then there is some sort of political corruption going on. Meh. That’s where you usually lose me. Leave out the political! Bring on the fun action with heart!

Uncanny Counter Poster

While I was watching this show, I realized I had never finished Mystic Pop Up Bar! I was two episodes away from the and I just dropped it. Man, I should really go back to that, at least to be able to say I’ve crossed a while Korean show off my list this year.

So for those of you keeping score, shows that I’m currently watching that are NOT BL…

Devil Punisher
Lost Romance
Uncanny Counter 
Great British Baking Show. (HAHAHAHA I just have to put it out there, I love that new host, he’s adorable!)


Have you tried Uncanny Counter? What are you currently watching?



  • Reply SaraG December 16, 2020 at 7:33 am

    What about the Minhyun drama??

    • Reply Stephanie December 17, 2020 at 12:14 am

      Poor Minhyun. How is it?

  • Reply Rachael Clack December 16, 2020 at 8:16 am

    I am also watching the Uncanny Counter and really enjoying it. Had gone off dramas for a bit and was reading loads but this and True Beauty on Viki have got me watching again and looking forward to the episodes airing.

    • Reply Stephanie December 17, 2020 at 12:15 am

      Saaammme! Is it us or is it Kdrama? Sorry kdrama it’s not you, it’s us! Did you ever end up finishing the crazy that was My Day?

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