Khottie of the Week: Imfact’s Jeup

Posted by Stephanie on December 20, 2020

Khottie of the Week

Imfact Jeup

After last week’s Khottie, I was doing a little background work and came the realization, there has never been a member of Imfact who had ever been a Khottie before, not in their own solo post, nor one included on a theme post. I mentioned my findings to SaraG and she was all “Yeah, I know and it hurts my soul.” Well, we can’t have that! So this week’s hottie, the one who started it all, Imfact’s Jeup.

He was in last week’s Sweater theme post.

Imfact Jeup

I was all, “woah, who is THIS?”

Imfact Jeup

He was like magic.

Imfact Jeup

So when SaraG was listing off members I’m all…

Imfact Jeup

Yeah. Cool. Uhhuhhhh. He sounds great. But I knew.

Imfact Jeup

This week’s Khottie was going to be Imfact’s Jeup.

Imfact Jeup

Might as well start where it all began, right?

Im sure the others are lovely, but please see above to the whole “woah, he is magic” part. It’s important.

I don’t know much about him besides the fact that he’s in Imfact.

His name is Jeup. Which is just fun.

And, unfortunately, is off doing his military service.

Though really, this is the year everyone should be pushing to get in there.

Go in. Get it done. Come out when you can actually continue on. But back to Jeup.

I know back in the day when we used to do Friday Nights at SaraG’s house.

She tried to teach them to us.


And while intrigued, it didn’t really hit me.

But you know me, I have to come to these things on my own.

You can lead me there, but ultimately, it has to feel like my own decision.

This? Seeing Jeup in a sweater?

Then looking at other Jeups?

You might just have my attention Imfact.

Well played.

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  • Reply SaraG December 20, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    YEARS! I’ve been pushing them for YEARS. There are so many darling details for jeup and all of the members.

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