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Posted by SaraG on December 21, 2020


Last week I shared the ultimate collab track featuring 27 folks alongside the original artist. Big, showy numbers like that are excellent for when you want to be surrounded by everyone at once, for when you are just a bit lonely and are craving that crowded feeling. But this time of year I long for cozier, more intimate settings. I want my nearest and dearest by my side with a tree, maybe a piano, a stylist, a backing band, and probably at least 23 members of a video production crew all on standby to make sure it’s been appropriately captured. I want duets. 

Lucky for us, the Korean music scene loves a good duet as much as I do. Especially during Christmas. To get us in the holiday mood, I’ve snagged a couple of songs that I’ve really enjoyed leading up to the big day and plopped them down in this post just for you. 

Two of my favorite power vocals, Jamie and Gaho, have teamed up to perform an old, questionable classic, Baby It’s Cold Outside, with all of the flirty and patriarchal charms we’ve come to expect. Now, I don’t love this song and all of the baggage that comes along with it, but I DO love this song and all of the nostalgia it evokes. I’m a complicated woman. I adore it even more knowing that Jamie could eat Gaho alive any moment she chooses. It adds a little something special to the scene. 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Jamie and Gaho

The other fresh duet I’ve cozied up to this year is Lee Hi’s new track For You with Crush. Now that’s she’s firmly on AOMG and putting out tracks like the true queen she is, Lee Hi has quickly become an artist I closely follow to make sure I’m catching all of her content. Earlier this month she started putting out teasers for all of the Christmas type stuff she wanted to do with her friends leading up to this release. One of the most charming things I’ve ever seen in my entire life was Crush and Lee Hi decorating a Christmas tree for the first time in their lives (as per them). It was awkward, the opposite of strategic in decoration placement, and absolutely the epitome of fun making. That brief video alone made me love the song and they didn’t even actually tease the song. 

Thank goodness I actually enjoyed it. 

For You, Lee Hi and Crush

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    Gaho and Jamie did such a good job on that cover!

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