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Posted by Stephanie on December 22, 2020


Handmade Love Poster

Apparently, my new jam is starting new shows. Just randomly going around, picking up new stuff. I guess it could be worse, it’s keeping me off the streets, out of the grocery stores where I just want to punch nose showers in the throat. So there it is, new shows! Keeping Stephanie out of jail! There are worse hobbies, right?

This week’s new show was a suggestion by Leila who essentially said, “Hey, look at this drama.” and I’m all cool, let me watch three episodes. That show? The minidrama, Handmade Love.

Don’t know about it? Well, until Leila had pointed it out, neither had I. The show actually stars the striking Lee Soo Hyuk, so I thought I’d heard about it as I’d just read an article about a new drama he was in and had the thought “Wow, that came out fast.” Nope, that article was about his next show. Way to be observant, Stephanie.

I say Lee Soo Hyuk is striking and, really he is. It’s the first thing I think when I see pictures of him or see him act. He always comes off a little cold, a little reserved, and a whole lot striking. This role is perfect for him because Handmade Love is essentially a big art piece that features Lee Soo Hyuk standing around, being bored and striking. I’m not knocking it or him. It works for him, it works for the show.

Lee Soo Hyuk, Handmade Love

Handmade Love has a dreamy, “I’ve stepped into an artist’s sketchbook” sort of feel. EVERYTHING is beautiful. The people, the camera, the sets, the styling. I believe its story is a spin-off of a classic Korean fairy tale the Fairy and the Woodsman. I’m not super familiar with that, so it’s still going to be a surprise to me how the storyline is going to go. Essentially Lee Soo Hyuk plays Woven, a…. I want to say mystical being? Or God? Or a regular guy who gets mixed up with the wrong crowd is cursed? At the beginning he’s artfully dying in a forest, risking everything to touch this woman’s (I’m going to go with the idea that SHE is an actual goddess) coat. He has a thing for clothing.

See? Look how artful this is!

The woman artfully shoots him with an artful gun and flash forward, he’s in present-day Korea running a mystical tailor shop with the help of his mystical (and annoying) assistant. Like Mystic Pop Up Bar it looks like they are being punished and have to help so many people out before they are forgiven? Or can return home? I don’t know, this show seems to rest back on its beauty and doesn’t feel the need to be generous with the plot details.

Their first task is to help a woman who has been wronged by her long term boyfriend and is seeking revenge. They do their work by asking the person to bring in clothing that symbolizes their biggest moments, Woven puts it on a dress form, artfully wanders around it as he sees bits of their past, and then magically makes them the best clothes they will ever wear in their life.

Side note? I didn’t love her dress. Loved the bottom, didn’t love the top…but then again it wasn’t made for me, was it?

During her storyline, she gets the closure she’s looking for and decides she wants to go work for Woven and learn all his ways. Why they accepted her? No. Idea. They seemed to be doing just fine on their own. Woven didn’t even seem to be in too much of a hurry to finish his task/punishment. We don’t get much insight into his character his motivation, his anything. Is he angry? Sad? Revengeful? (Shut up, that’s probably a word.) I don’t know. His job is apparently to just walk around being angular and moody. Whatever buddy, you do you, I guess. Hand Made Love Poster

I do really like what I’ve seen of the female lead. Especially when she’s at her most vengeful. I felt super bad for her when you realized how manipulated she’d been in her relationship with that butthole she dated for 7 years. Her journey wasn’t about destroying him, it was getting herself back and I appreciated that. I want to say I don’t know why she wants to be part of the tailor shop, but, who wouldn’t want to be around Woven as he stares artfully off into the distance?

Handmade Love is a currently airing web series, the episodes running for about 20 minutes. Which I think was the biggest lure for me. Twenty minutes? Sure, I can fit that in! In a blink, I’d watched three artful episodes. Though. Truth? That’s a lie, I watched about 2.5. I was on the couch. It was late. I had a blanket on… things happened! And by things I mean, I woke up an hour later realizing I really needed to go to bed. This is no judgment on the show, that was all me. At twenty minutes an episode and the beauty that is Woven and a need to figure out if there is actually going to be a plot to this thing? I’m totally going to keep watching this thing.


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    100% agree about the dress. The skirt part was gorgeous and the shoes made me squeal. The rest was meh…. she still pulled it off and looked gorgeous. I do wish the translations weren’t so choppy. But yeah.. definitely interesting

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