The Eleventh Day Of Christmas

Posted by Stephanie on December 24, 2020


Day Eleven! Christmas Eve! Only two days of presents left! How quickly time has passed. Are you ready?

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Eleven ATEEZ In Eyepatches

This shouldn’t work, right? It shouldn’t be a thing, but it is a thing and we’ve embarrassed it. And with this cheeky photo, it looks like Ateez has too.

Ten Love Triangles

Nine Zombies Nomming

Eight Santa Claus(s)

Seven Cross Dressers

Six Crop Tops

Five Idols With Sweater Paws

Four Piggy Back Rides

Three Pining Stares.

Two Cat Ears

Annndddd Wonho Flexing At the Gym!

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