Khottie of the Week: Got7’s Jaebum!

Posted by Stephanie on December 27, 2020

Khottie of the Week

Originally I was fairly uninspired for this week’s Khottie post. No lie, it was almost a collection called “Who Dis?” images of hot random people who came up when I was looking for Imfact members…who were definitely NOT Imfact members. Finally, I came across this bit of swoony whatnot, Pinterest labeled it as a random Go7 member… I was intrigued. Luckily, friend Val is a HUGE Got7 fan and was able to tell me that yes, it was a Got7 member, yes, he was over 24, and yes, he was swoony. So this week’s Khottie of the week? Got7’s Jaebum!

See? Swoony.

Jaebum Got7

Besides Jackson, I hate to say it, I don’t really think of Got7.

I couldn’t pick a single one of the members out of a crowd.

But now that I see all these amazing pictures of Jaebum?


Not only that.

I’ve seen him perform.

Jaebum, Got7


Jaebum, Got7

Multiple times.

Jaebum, Got7

Twice at KCon.Jaebum, Got7

And once mere feet away when we went to a recording of MNET Countdown while we were in Korea and he was promoting under Jus2.

You can SEE us in the video.

Jaebum, Got7

And still not a blip on my memory.

Though, I can probably see why considering there he had his hair cut short.

Jaebum, Got7

I’m a sucker for a mane of glory.

Jaebum, Got7

Which he has in spades.

Jaebum, Got7

So. Much. Hair.

Jaebum, Got7

I even love his mullet.

Jaebum, Got7

From what little I know, I think Jaebum (or Jaeboem) is the leader of Got7.

Jaebum, Got7

I guess I really did have Jackson blinders on.

Which is just a shame.

Jaebum, Got7

As Jaebum is straight-up swoony beautiful.

Jaebum, Got7

And I’ll be keeping my eye on him from here on out.

Jaebum, Got7


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