Musical Monday – Post Holiday Slump

Posted by SaraG on December 28, 2020


My Christmas Eve and Christmas were are fun as can be expected this year. They were really chill with jammies and Processo and cookies and ribs. What more (besides friends and family) could you ask for? The kids even told me that it was very nearly the best Christmas ever, which is exactly what a lot of moms and dads are working for each and every December. That being the case, it’s always a  little disheartening to have everyone wake up the next day in that post-holiday slump. I crawled out of bed oodles of hours before everyone else, but when I was joined by my oldest, she was near tears and just couldn’t put her finger on why.

We talked through sugar crashes, not enough sleep, and that after Christmas maudlin feeling many of us experience until she felt like she had a grasp on what was going on with her mood. But it’s not like understanding it makes it easier or makes any one of us immune to it. We don’t actually drink enough water on Christmas and focus on the veggies on the charcuterie board. No, no, we’re all cheese, cookies, and beer. And that’s completely ok for the holidays, we just have to remember the consequences and plan ahead to have little human contact the next day. It’s better for everyone. 

Personally, I like a good sad movie or song the day after Christmas, something that’s gonna hit me in the feels and give me an excuse for the tears beyond me not being able to control what I ate the day before or that I stayed up waaaaay too late because why the hell not. And this year, GIRIBOY gave me what I was looking for. The rapper/producer released a new EP on December 23 like he knew we’d all be waiting for it. The title track It Was Love is a wonderfully sappy depiction of a love grown tired of itself even while the participants are still fighting for it. Kind of. Or are they just fighting each other? It shows all of the little aggressions that build up into the violence of an ending relationship with the sing-rapping our GIRIBOY is so perfect at pulling together. The acting in the MV, from both our hero and heroine, is quite superb. And the styling and mood of the whole thing feel very….nostolgic of that college romance that just was never going to go anywhere no matter how much one or the other of us claimed to be in love. 

It Was Love, GIRIBOY

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  • Reply Stephanie December 28, 2020 at 9:58 pm

    I WANT to say that was a fun video…but that seems wrong. It was super enjoyable and I didn’t see the changes coming

    I’m also not a fan of the holiday slump, unfortunately for me it actually hits during the holiday and I just have to ride it out to the end. Funny how we can KNOW its coming and yet, we’re never really prepared for it

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