Not So Throwback Thursday – It’s Not Even Musical

Posted by SaraG on December 31, 2020


I swear to all that is good and pure, it is impossible to focus these days. I can’t even pick a song for today…I kept getting distracted by all sorts of clever and fun YouTube content. One channel I always lean on for about 14 minutes of pure fun is ODG. This is a studio that produces online content and merch with the  tagline “You were a kid once.” 

And this is not a lie! I WAS a kid once. 

And I love the lens with which a kid looks at the world. It makes me laugh. It makes me cry. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes me cringe. It makes me so warm inside. And it’s truly incredible how much I still identify with a bazillion things the kiddos on these little shows say. I highly, highly recommend going back and watching the conversations the kids have with Cheetah, Mokyo, Lee High, some of the foreign members of NCT, and Suho from EXO. But I also would really encourage you to catch just any old episode, because they are all meaningful in some way or another. 

And today, this week, this month, and for most of 2020, I feel like the episode that came out on Christmas day is exactly how I feel. It is me the way a million people say Lady Gaga is them. I am trying to become a better person, to do my job, to focus on studying, on work, on my family, but damn, another great MV came out or a fresh nugu has caught my attention. How can the real world compete with a B Boy or a sheep? HOW, I ASK YOU?

Kid’s Try To Focus on Studying, ODG

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