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Posted by Junior McFeeley on January 3, 2021


Its time for Junior McFeeley to chime in on her favorite songs of 2020!

Hey! My music taste has only become more confusing, and I’ve only started stabbing a crap ton more people over the past year! Ready?

Honestly, debut of the century. I’ve never witnessed a better debut and I’ve seen Taemin’s Danger. Good job ENHYPEN!

49.Love to Hate Me~Blackpink
Personally this was my favorite Blackpink song to come out this year. Although it strongly reminded me of In and Out by Red Velvet… but that’s ok.

48.I Love You~Treasure
I really thought Treasure was gonna be a cute fluffy little group until they aggressively screamed “saranghae” at me. The concept photos decided to trick me I guess. Anyway this song’s a bop and I love Treasure now.

This was another case where I just assumed that the group was cutesy without going off of much. But then one day I got this entire song as an add while trying to watch a Jackson Wang video, and now I’m in love.

46.Bad Boy~Chungha and Christopher
Chungha is yet another person I started stanning over the past year. There are a lot of those, actually. Anyway, I just really like this song for no reason. It’s cute, but like, not in a Beware by IZ*ONE or Catallena by Orange Caramel kinda way if y’know what I mean.

45.How You Been~Eric Nam
So over the past year, I have also developed a strong love of Eric Nam. I listen to him constantly. And I mean 25/8 constantly. I really love his music! And this happens to be my favorite song he released this year.

44.Made For Two~VAV
VAV have never written a bad song. I swear, all of their songs are top tier. This song is really beautiful, and the harmonies are insane! They did a really good job with it!

43.Chaotic~Monsta X
So, for a while, my favorite song on Fantasia X was Zone. Then Kihyun came along, and was all like “remember how much you looove my voice?” And so Chaotic then found the perfect opportunity to steal Zone’s place as number 1. I’ve found that for Monsta X, I usually prefer up-beat, fast songs… but with a lot of vocals.

42.Love Me or Leave Me~Day6
This song’s a bop. I’ve listened to it without getting tired of it more than should probably be humanly possible. Day6 have also never written a bad song, and are pretty underrated, so please go give them some love.

Technically… no. This isn’t a k-pop song. But too bad, it’s in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. You’re probably wondering “but if it’s one of your all-time favorite songs, why is it only #41?” The answer is… I don’t know, it just is. Deal with the fact that I don’t understand my own brain. The lyrics to this song are kinda weird, but I love the song overall. I enjoy the general feel of this song, and how beautiful Lay sounds while singing it, and just how nice the song is.

40.Not Shy~ITZY
I think this might be my new favorite ITZY song? It’s hard to tell. I love all of ITZY’s songs. This one’s just kind of extra good I think? Maybe? I don’t know, I confuse myself.

39.Faded in my Last Song~NCT U
This song is really pretty, and has really nice vocals. It’s my second favorite song in all of NCT 2020… but please SM, if your going to put Johnny and Yuta in practically every song on the album, at least give them more than one line. I feel like your just trying to be mean now.

38.God Has Return+Mañana~GOT7
So basically, Bambam is my GOT7 bias, Mark is my bias wrecker who I treat like my bias, and Jackson is somewhere in between. Oh, what’s that GOT7? You made a song with only Bambam, Mark and Jackson? Where do I sign up?

37.Let Me In (20 Cube)~ENHYPEN
This is currently my favorite ENHYPEN song. Why? I dunno. It started and I loved it? That’s all I got. I probably laughed at the “I’ll be your boyfriend” and declared this the one.

36.Go Live~Stray Kids
So I’m Felix biased, with Han and Hyunjin as my bias wreckers… but dang. Bangchan’s rap in this song is one of my favorite things that I’ve ever heard.

35.Monster~Irene and Seulgi
I mean do I really have to say anything about this? It’s a masterpiece of a song. Stan Red Velvet.

So this song, in case you didn’t know, is a Jin solo. He’s not my bias or bias wrecker, but can I deny pure talent? No.

33.Guess Not~ eaJ
So I ignored him for the longest time, but Jae from Day6 put out a lot of solo music this year. As soon as I heard it I became addicted, and I now listen to eaJ songs probably way too often, but that’s ok. There’s two versions to this song (a slower one, and a faster-paced one) but I prefer this one:

I also discovered MCND this year. I really enjoy them and honestly, this song’s just really cute.

31.Resonance~NCT 2020
For the longest time I wanted All of NCT to do a song together. All 23 of them. SM was all like “we won’t give you all of them singing, but we’ll give you most of them singing and all of them dancing… and we’ll give Winwin more lines than Haechan.” I mean, what am I supposed to do? Say no?

30.Bring it Back~Twice
So if you know me, you probably know I’m a little bit very obsessed with Twice. I am a huge Once, and on almost every playlist I have at least one Twice song. I adore their music, and still am incapable of choosing a favorite song.

I’m also a pretty big MOA. I’m gonna be honest. I didn’t care for this song at first, but now I can’t get it out of my head because of how much I listen to it. It’s great. This is the first of many TXT songs on this list.

28.Day and Night~Day6
I listen to this song so much it’s probably an unhealthy amount at this point. This song is absolute perfection. It’s cute but not too cute, and it’s a lot of fun, and is really catchy. Basically I just really, really love this song.

And here we are, back at TXT already, because I love them. This whole album was very different from what I’m used to with TXT, but it was kind of really cool. It’s the same album as Puma, and probably more songs on this list, although, I forgot what else is on this list, so maybe not. This song’s just really good.

This year I also got into Astro. Once again, I didn’t really care for them at first, but now I’m a little obsessed, so here’s my favorite song they put out this year.

I can’t remember whether I got into CIX this year or last year… but probably last year. Either way, this is my second favorite song by them, my first favorite was released last year.

24.Reveal~The Boyz
I’ve always really liked The Boyz, but this yea,r I started actually like, really getting into them, and they’re completely insane. Each and every one of them have completely lost it. It’s wonderful. This is my favorite song from them this year.

23.Oh My God~(G)I-dle
Yet again, until this year, I didn’t care for (G)I-dle. Surprise, surprise. Then I heard Oh My God. About a month later I listened to it again and became obsessed. Hahaha, oops? (The English version is equally as good by the way)

22.A Song Written Easily~Oneus
So I think my favorite part of this song is the instrumental. Or maybe the vocals. Or maybe the dance. Or maybe the visuals. Or maybe just the whole dang thing. It’s really freaking good.

21.Into the I-Land Final Version~I-Land
I love all versions of this song equally, to be honest. It’s a masterpiece. I listen to it almost every day. Yes I did watch I-Land. I’m satisfied with who made it into ENHYPEN… but I miss everyone else. Especially Taki. Anyways, here’s one of the most beautiful thing to grace the Earth. You’re welcome.

20.Hell in Heaven~Twice
THIS. SONG. IS. EVERYTHING. I NEEDED. AND MORE! I don’t know what it is, but I kid you not when I say I’ve listened to nothing but this song for 2 days straight before. It should be in an art gallery, as it is fine art.

19.We Lost the Summer~TXT
More TXT! Ok, nothing against BTS as they’re my bias group, but when I was sad, TXT gave me this, almost like a pat on the back, and BTS gave me another version of Dynamite. Nothing against Dynamite either, but there’s already 70 different versions, I don’t need another. Quite frankly, I didn’t need 2. (I’m sorry! Love ya Bangtan!) This song… everything about it… just made me smile. I think it’s wonderful TXT did this. Thank you TXT!

18.Who~Lauv ft. BTS
Speaking of BTS, I looove this song! To be honest, I don’t really know who Lauv is… and I don’t super care… but thank you for help create this masterpiece known as Who. I never knew I needed it.

This is by far the best thing to ever come out of Jimin’s mouth. I could not stop listening to it… for months on end.I should probably be upset because he’s my bias wrecker… but thank you Jimin, for blessing my ears with this wonderful song. I hope to see it live one day.

At first, I didn’t care for this song. It was just… ok. But then, later on, I listened to the lyrics and realized how beautiful it is! And of course, as an eaJ song, the lyrics are yet again depressing, and yet genius. Over the past year, I’ve learned that Jae is a true genius, he just never shows it.

15.Ice Age~MCND
This is my favorite MCND song, and honestly one of my favorite debut songs. Everything about this song is cool as heck, and I decided to start stanning them the second I saw it. I made a good decision.

14.Deja Vu~NCT Dream
It surprised me that this was my favorite song on the entirety of NCT Resonance, as I’m usually more of a 127 person. Actually it’s kind of funny, because my friend who prefers Dream, ended up liking NCT 127’s “Music, Dance” the most. I don’t know what it is about this song, and maybe it was just all the hype for OT7 Dream, but I really enjoy this song.

Honestly, I was obsessed with the entirety of GOT7’s Dye, because it’s a work of art. This song was one of my favorite things I ever heard. Not sure why, but, it’s an amazing song, and it also happens to be the first track on the album.

This song seems really happy, and I get really excited whenever it turns on, but then I remember “Wait, this is an eaJ song. The lyrics are sad as heck.” Still a bop though.

11.2U~Kang Daniel
I feel kind of bad. I neglected poor Daniel for… most of the year. And then I tried my hardest to put Waves on this list, which did not make it by 1 song. (But do yourself a favor and stream Waves by Kang Daniel ft. Jamie and Simon Dominic, it’s incredible). This song is really cute and fluffy, so it made my top 11. Good job Daniel! Sorry I neglected you!

10.Love You Better~GOT7
On just about every GOT7 album, there’s this one song where everyone’s like “OH my gosh! That’s adorable!” “The lyrics are really pretty!” “This song’s really nice!” And I’m sitting here like “PFFFFFT- This song’s dumb as HECK. And Bambam, introducing yourself by saying “Double B” isn’t helping your case at all. I love it, it’s my favorite song on the album.” This is that song.

9.I’m the Trend~(G)I-dle
For some reason, I love it when songs reference other songs by the same artist. Like that’s just fun to me for no apparent reason. This song is a little dumb in my opinion, but that makes me love it even more. That’s how I am, as we can see from the last song.

This is my favorite BTS song. It really encouraged me when I was sad, and it has really sweet lyrics. I loved everything about it, and it’s made me happier time and time again. Thank you BTS, for giving me just what I needed.

7.Can’t You See Me?~TXT
Yep! More TXT! This song is just all around a masterpiece. It’s pretty catchy, and definitely a bop. I don’t know what else to say about it I just really like this song, it’s fun.

6.Love Me Harder~WOODZ
I also started stanning WOODZ this year, and this song is why. This song is really freaking good, and constantly gets stuck in my head, and I’m ok with that. His voice is really nice, but I’m not sure why I think it’s so nice? Y’know?

5.I Mean It~GOT7
WOO! TOP FIVE! Y’know when I was talking about that one GOT7 song on every album that I think is so dumb, but love? Yeah, this is another one of those.

4.Back Door~Stray Kids
This is by far my favorite Stray Kids song. I really like everything about this song, it was all really well done, and Han and Hyunjin decided it was necessary to bias wreck me to no end. But I’ll forgive them, because this is Back Door.

And this is my absolute favorite Taemin song. St first I was like “Ah yes, a Taemin song, beautiful” and then I saw him dance on a table wearing the best thing he’s ever worn in his life (that one white sweater). It’s also just the best music I’ve ever heard from him in my opinion. So here’s one of the most beautiful things you will ever see! You’re welcome again!

So I’m a sucker for cute songs about crushes, which explains a lot about my taste in GOT7, so when TXT put out this song, I fell in love. It’s currently my favorite TXT song… it’s super adorable.

Honestly, I feel it’s best to say nothing about this song so you can experience this masterpiece on your own.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the insane messed up thing known as my taste in music! Here’s a playlist of all the songs, although I don’t recommend listening to them all at once:

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