BL and Bubbles Calendar – January 2021

Posted by Stephanie on January 5, 2021


I know it seems like we’ve just had one of these posts and…well you’re not wrong, but primarily because I was super late getting the last one out. Though I know getting this post out so early I’m going to be missing some titles (they are always coming back from nowhere! For example, see the extra December ones here!) As for what we’re actually watching, with the holiday, we seemed to blow through entire dramas, so we’re down to only two currently watching shows. There are a lot we have our eye on, so I’m sure our BL and Bubbles dance card is going to fill up quickly!


SaifahZon Story: Meh. This was super not necessary and I’m really glad if this is what we were missing from the original series, Why R U, that it was left out.
WISH YOU: Your Melody In My Heart: This was SUPER cute. I know the show was short, but unlike some of the other Korean BLs, the story/relationship seemed really short-handed here. I want to say, we should get a longer series, but then we’d get more of the overbearing parent storyline.
Calculating Love: I did not care for this one. BL + Math = Not a drama I want to experience again.
Meet Me Outside: Too, too short. Cute but short. Needed more story beyond the meet-cute.
Better Days: I feel like this one will be having a season 2. The way it’s done it could actually just be a bromance.

Currently Watching

Tonlon Chonlatee


Upcoming or currently airing dramas:

December 10th

The Shore – 10 Eps

It is a story of David, a lost/stranded guy on an island who finds Simon, a companion, and they fall in love with each other despite their differences in principles about life. But when the real partner of the David came to rescue him they got separated and they discover the guy whom he fell in love with on the island.

Will We Watch? The synopsis made it seem creepy and we say we will watch it but more in a daring each other to watch it sort of way. 


December 21st

Win Jaime’s Heart – 6 Eps

A young vlogger goes to the extent of finding a guy for his broken-hearted friend to boost his channel only to find himself entangled in a web of romance he never dreamed of.

Will We Watch? The pre-information on it made it seem appealing but, watching the trailer, it doesn’t seem that fun, but hey, when has that stopped us before? I’m guessing the quality is going to be more Boyband Love than Like In The Movies.


December 23rd

Follow My Sunshine – 6 Eps

Since this is from Vietnam, we have sketcy details on the premise.

Will We Watch? Woah, standing guy in the back I think is the hero from the other BL from Vietnam we watching in 2020 which was….not great. I’ll be interested to see how another one goes. 


December 25th

HappenstanceHappenstance – 9 Eps

Wade and Jose Manuel, two people who magically meet although they are living in different periods – one in 1974, one in 2020. Jose Manuel is grounded after his military father learned of his relationship with Luis, an activist. Wade, on the other hand, is recovering from a recent break up with Eric and while on vacation is caught up in the Quarantine because of the COVID 19 Pandemic. After the super moon, an opportunity opens for these two heartbroken souls to connect across time and find love once again.

Will We Watch? This one looks interesting! Any anything to get use out of my GagaOoLala subscription. Which, I am seriously thinking about cancelling. I want to support, but I don’t use it that often. Right now it remains a thought, but we’ll see. 


December 30th

Color Rush PosterColor Rush – 8 Eps

Living with neurological blindness that limits his ability to see color, Yeon Woo has grown up in a world that looks very different from the one most people are accustomed to seeing. Only able to decipher varying tones of gray, Yeon Woo knows the world is full of colors but he has never seen them for himself. At least not until the day Yoo Han comes crashing into his world.

As if brought together by fate, Yeon Woo’s life is forever changed the day he meets Yoo Han. Falling for the boy’s many charms, Yeon Woo is overwhelmed by the unexpected rush of emotions he feels every time Yoo Han is near. What’s even more surprising is the sudden rush of color that washes over the world whenever Yoo Han walks into the room. Could this be a sign that Yoo Han is his destiny?

While Yeon Woo ponders his fate, his aunt Yi Rang searches desperately for the sister who went missing years ago. Joining his aunt on her quest, Yeon Woo recruits Yoo Han’s help and together they search for his mother. As they dig deeper into the mystery surrounding her disappearance, an unexpected story begins to unfold. Will these fated boys be able to solve the mystery of a missing mother while simultaneously unraveling the mysteries of their own hearts?

Will We Watch? I’ve heard from people who have seen the first episode and said its… interesting. This is a lot of plot to get into such a short time frame, so it will be interesting. Its a Korean BL though, of course we’re going to watch it! 


January 5th

You Are Ma Boy – ?

No idea what the synopsis is or how long the show is. Why is it so hard to find information on the BLs from Vietnam? Hrm.

Will we watch? Yeesh this teaser looks intense. Like high tension. I dunnnnoooooo…. 

January 8th

We Best Love: No. 1 For You – 6 Eps

It is not a simple thing to like someone, because… many times, we dare not say anything! “If first place is the only way to make you see me, then I will never lose to you before you fall in love with me.”

Zhou Shu Yi stared at the class report card in his hand and saw Gao Shi De’s name above him again. He didn’t understand. He had always ranked first since the fifth grade but now he is no longer on top. For this reason, he was excited to go to college and parted ways. He hoped to never see Gao Shi De again.

He was happily enjoying college life and joined his beloved swimming club again. He was revered by everyone until Gao Shi De suddenly appeared in his life before graduation. This made him wonder why Gao Shi De always followed him wherever he went. But little did he know that Gao Shi De had eyes for him and would never let him go

Will We Watch? BL from Taiwan, heck yeah, get us in line! They are slow to put BL series out, but when they do, they are usually quality. (Fingers crossed for upcoming History 4!)


January 22nd

To My Star – 9 Eps

“To My Star” depicts the love story between actor Kang Seo Joon, who deviates from the traditional route, and chef Han Ji Woo, who doesn’t want to deviate from the “straight path “. It’s a romance-boosting story that claims to be a type of drama that’s never been seen before.

Will We Watch? Again. It’s Korean. Its BL. It’s a no-brainer. Actually? This looks super cute. 


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