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Posted by Stephanie on January 6, 2021


She Would Never Know Poster

It’s been a while since there’s been a good noona romance, hasn’t it been? I’m going to say that usually, noona romances are not my cup of tea, but She Would Never Know with Typhoon Rowoon? This looks like it could be fun! And not creepy! Which is something I really look for in a drama. Does the main couple squidge me out? No? Then I could be in!

While yes, the idea of finally watching a Rowoon drama does interest me, it’s actually the non-squidgy, not too young premise that is officially grabbing me.

Yoon Song Ah works as a marketer for a cosmetic brand. She enjoys her job and does it with vigor. Her dream is to start her own cosmetic brand. Meanwhile, Chae Hyun Seung works with Yoon Song Ah as a marketer. He becomes attracted to Yoon Song Ah and tries to develop a romantic relationship with her. However, Yoon Song Ah rebuffs his advances, because she does not see younger guys as dating partners.

Heroine, large and in charge, with dreams and a plan? Check. Hero, who is her equal in all but age? Check. Hellllloooo She Would Never Know.

She Would Never Know

I wonder what it is that she would never know. Is it his age? Does he do a fakeout because he knows she doesn’t date younger guys? Not super cool.  Is he hiding he’s super-wealthy? (Dad’s a famous lawyer, mom is a wedding dress designer.) While not awesome, I can see someone covering that up. Or will she never know love if she holds back dating him? Hmmm… That would be interesting. More information is he’s actually had a thing for her since he was in college, and he got the job to be near her.

Well, now we’re back to creepy. That’s probably what she SHOULD never know. You be so pretty young men be lurking you. I’m going to give that a Hmmm…x2.

Let’s take a look to see if there’s a teaser that will land us on one side or the other. Okay, there are a couple. Also, turns out, I have heard of this show before, but by another name, Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick, a title which, not knowing the premise, I always found offputting. I’m glad they’ve come up with something else as, buddy, I’ll put on lipstick if I want to put on lipstick..unless I’m wearing a face mask because that never goes well for me.


Interesting, at the end, it’s actually her saying “Don’t put on that lipstick” which puts another spin on the whole situation. Is she telling herself “Don’t even try it!” (It being him.)? He is clearly pining after her, but not in a super lurky way, which is nice.

Okay, this one sold me more. She has a boyfriend, so you think love triangle, but no, he’s cheating on her and Rowoon has declared himself her protector. It looks like some of this took place at the job so I wonder if her (ex)boyfriend also works there? I’m intrigued. And so far,…I’m going to go with NOT creeped out. This one looks like it could be a noona romance that hooks me in to watch. Maybe.

She Would Never Know premieres on January 18th, so we don’t have that long to decide! How about you? Have you decided? Where do you call on noona romances?


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