Khottie of the Week: Victon’s Seungsik

Posted by Stephanie on January 10, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Victon's Seungsik

After the blow-up this week of Got7, (I’m sorry for your loss, Got7 fans) I’m moving from the idea of completing the grouping and am turning KHottie’s focus towards Victon. Looking at our khottie options, taking in age, and previously awarded titles, I hit on Victon’s Seungsik!

Val and SaraG were kind enough to pitch in on the picture verifying.

Victon's Seungsik

Cheerfully using my “Who dis?” questions as a chance to chat about him.

And share their own pics.

Victon's Seungsik

Apparently, Seungsik is quite high on their regard list.

Victon's Seungsik

And looking at this cutie, who can blame them?

Victon's Seungsik

Of course, I can only go by how cute the photos are, as I still know nothing about Victon.

Victon's Seungsik

Except the fact, they are filled with dimpled members.

Victon's Seungsik

And they love their maknae.

You’d meet him here, but he’s too young.

Gotta wait a few years before we can celebrate Victon’s Youngest.

Even my fav, Hanse doesn’t turn 24 until later this year.


(The countdown has begun!)

I believe all we have left of members we can do for Khottie is Chan after this.

Oh. Look at me.

Sejun. Seungsik. Hanse. Chan. Subin….Byeongchan?

Is it just me or did I just name a good portion of Victon?

PerHAPS I do know Victon?

At least a little bit?

I’m able to pick out Seungsik because of his cute little pointy chin.

He has a really angular face.

You just want to pinch it!

But then again, that’s my reaction to most cute idols.

Come here, let me pinch your cheeks!

And not even in a creepy way.

…..does that make me old?

I’m going with no.

Its not an age thing.

I want just to pinch cheeks.

Give snacks and encouragement.

And send them on their way.

I see this as a win/win situation.

The real downside of these Victon boys.

Because there is one.

There are too many good pictures of them so I have to leave so many out.

Which gives me a sad.

Or it makes me sad for all the pretty things you’re NOT seeing, so do yourselves a favor, google some Seungsik. It’s worth the time.


Like Victon? Check out the other members here:
Seung Woo



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