Musical Monday – I’m Gonna Need That Number

Posted by SaraG on January 11, 2021


It’s a little challenging to write the first couple of Musical Mondays of the year – it feels a bit too late to put up songs from December even though it was days ago and I don’t always want to talk about the songs that have come out in January. Not because I don’t love them, I’m just not ready or don’t have anything interesting to say about them. So, I’m going to settle into the discomfort and chat about a little diddy that brings me so much joy even though it came out at the tail end of the year that should not be named.

I have talked pretty extensively on the site about ATEEZ, Eden, Maddox, and Eden-ary in too many posts to appropriately link to. But for those that have missed the obsession, many moons ago, KQ entertainment hired boy genius Eden to be one of their house producers and allowed him the opportunity to both grow his skills as an individual artist and create the sound for their new boy group- ATEEZ. Eden basically adopted a herd of young talents (think Woodz, Hongjoong, etc.) and taught them what he could while trying to foster their individuality as the next generation of music makers. He also brought in a few other producers as if to create his own little musical frat house. 

And a frat house it appears to be. I had a feeling that this group of young men was staying up too late, eating out too much, and spending way too much time in the offices they’ve converted into their haven of studios and recording booths. After watching many episodes of Maddox’s DOX Log on Youtube, featuring all of these labelmates and producers in this very setting, I discovered that I was right. They are always at the office or at a restaurant and they are always working and being boy silly together. It’s a delight.

Bring on this collab with, well, everyone and you can see exactly what I mean. 

As I’m back at work this week after getting my first full week off in well over a year, I’m going to take the title literally and call them when I need some support. I’ve seen them supporting each other continually on various bits of content and I could use a piece of that right about now. 

Please DM me the number, Eden, and I’ll be calling. 

Call Me Any Time, Eden, ATEEZ, Maddox, Eden-ary

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  • Reply Stephanie January 11, 2021 at 9:25 pm

    While the song itself wasn’t my cup of tea, I watched the whole thing because the video is darling. I’d watch this tv show.

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