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Posted by Stephanie on January 12, 2021


HELLO THERE FELLOW BL LOVERS! It’s been another solid year of BL of weekly BL and Bubbles sessions with my partner in watching crime, Alix. (No even COVID separation could stop us!) This year brought us the rise of Philipino dramas, tons of shows from Thailand and now? Even Korea is starting to get in on the BL mix! We decided in honor of such a great year, we’re going to record a (possibly tipsy) podcast giving out the very first ever BL and Bubbles Awards! (I’m giving calling them The Pink Milks serious contemplation.) We’ve come up with a series of categories/topics that we’re going to discuss ranging from good shows, bad shows, favorite couples, best skinship, ect. I thought I’d add them here and if you want to chime in, comment below by Friday!

  1. Favorite show of the Year
  2. Worst show of the Year
  3. Show you wish you hadn’t wasted time on
  4. Show you are most likely to recommend to non-BL watching friends
  5. Favorite couple
  6. Favorite secondary BL couple
  7. Couple that makes no sense
  8. Show that makes you go uhhhhh….what?
  9. Most annoying character. (Alix wouldn’t let me have worst female character ;))
  10. Most anticipated show that did not live up to expectations
  11. Most memorable product placement.
  12. Best Skinship
  13. Most awkward skinship
  14. All-time favorite couple you would watch no matter what.
  15. Favorite show OST
  16. Favorite BL variety show
  17. Favorite BL actor.
  18. Favorite supporting actor.
  19. BL with the greatest turbulence, ie, it was a bumpy ride but you made it safely to the end.
  20. What are we looking forward to next year?


Here is our list of shows we watched this year! Mostly it’s shows which aired in 2020, but there are a few outliers, (remember that real dry spell this summer?)

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  • Reply xe January 16, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    1: shows that did not air this year but I watched mostly this year, The Untamed and Until We Meet Again. But from the list, Game Boys.
    2: whichever En Of Love I attempted to watch. That whole series was just confusing.
    3: same as 2
    4:Game Boys
    5: WangXian from The Untamed, DeanPharm UWMA, or from your list, the Cherry Magic couple.
    7:I adore them, but SaifahZon. Wth even is that premise?!
    8:SaifahZon story. From Why RU to SZ, that whole series was just great chemistry tossed into a bag of plot point brainstorming, shaked like chicken then dumped onto a script.
    9:2gether and Still 2gether, Green’s boyfriend.
    10: My Gear and Your Gown. Love director New but this one fell very flat for me.
    11:I can only think of the makeup and stupid clinic from UWMA. Stupid because they dared suggest that Team is anything short of perfect as he was.
    12: FighterTutor although Cherry Magic did so much with so little at the opposite end of the spectrum.
    13:LBC2 just leave Techno alone, his whole plot was awful but my beef is with the writing not the actors. TinCan were kind of awkward but I still liked them.
    14: OhmFluke. I will follow them wherever they go.
    15: not from this year but watched this year, Dark Blue Kiss. Lol.
    16: I don’t really watch them enough to say
    17: Saint
    18:Boun or Mike
    19: Why RU? Seriously Why are you so chaotically written? Why can I still watch you all the way through over and over and over?
    20: Hemp Rope/Between Us, whatever OhmFluke do, and season 2 of I Told Sunset About You.

    I challenge you back. most beautiful BL?
    My answer: I Told Sunset About You.

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