Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Love Me Some World Building

Posted by SaraG on January 21, 2021


I am writing this far before the events of January 20 – so if anything major happened and I am so far outside of what we should have been discussing, I apologize and would like you to use this simple post as a distraction.

In the name of full disclosure, anytime you say almost anything to me I am building whole worlds, either fun and fictional or based on my own insecurities. While super damaging when we mean the latter – so we’ll ignore that part – it can be incredibly fun and entertaining when it’s the former. For example, I mentioned a particular candle I was pondering getting from a small independent business when one of my friends suggested that it would be awesome if that aptly named candle was what JR from Nu’est smelled like. My mind went crazy. I could easily have passed out with the sheer number of domestic situations that basically crafted themselves in my imagination. So when a song or an MV does all of that storyboarding for me, I’m prone to love it immediately.

In the case of Minhyun’s Universe, all of this love was based not only on how great the story acted out in the MV was, but also just how FANTASTIC the song is. Pair that with it being his first song back with Nu’est after Wanna One, and I was in for it a thousand times over. This song has been mentioned on the site a couple of times because it made several top fifty lists in 2019, but it’s never been highlighted on its own and that is a huge misstep from all of us. We should be ashamed. 

The MV is a tale of manipulation, parallel universes or repeated lives, and heartbreak with super sexy and beautiful Minhyun in love with an Italian noblewoman and a crotchety buzz kill of an old man controlling and destroying the whole situation. Que the single sad tear running down our hero’s flawless cheek. The song itself takes advantage of Minhyun’s angelic voice, higher pitch, and the innate longing he seems to have built into his sound. While I’m sure there are a thousand different tracks combined to produce this particular song, the overall feel is very minimal, highlighting the vocals entirely. The bursts of sound only lend to enhance the emotion of the song and in no way detract from the story. 

Gah, it’s glorious.

Universe, Minhyun

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