Khottie of the Week: Victon’s Chan

Posted by Stephanie on January 24, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Victon - Chan

We are at one last Victon member who is Khottie eligible and, after their awesome new album, it seems appropriate we finish out the deck of be-dimpled idols…. at least until Hanse and Byungchan have birthdays later this year. SO, I’m happy to give you this week’s Khottie of the Week, Victon’s Chan!

When I was first learning Victon.

And by learning I mean, doing Khottie, and still learning.

I had to verify that there was in fact a Chan and a Byungchan.

That they were not variations of the same person.

Nope, two different members!

Chan is actually short for Heo Chan.

He has an older brother, Heo Jun, formerly of the group Mad Town.

Looking for pictures of him, I was often served up pictures of maknae Subin instead.

So, after the debacle of Seungsik’s post,

I had friend Val validate any picture in question.

Good friend that she is, she was willing to sacrifice her time in order to look at pictures of cute boys for me in order to verify they were, in fact, Chan.

Such a giver.

She actually was able to whip up a few of her own pics….pretty quickly.

Like she may have already had them on hand or something.

But we’re not here to point fingers or anything.

This time though, despite having Subin and Byeungchan pics thrown at my on the regular, I was able to pick him out.

Tips to picking out Heo Chan.

His lips. Victon - Chan

YEEP. Those lips.Victon - Chan

He could definitely be an add on to the pillow lip khottie post, because he has them!

His eyes.

Victon - Chan

There is just something about his eyes. Victon - Chan

Can’t describe it, but its there.

Victon - Chan

And finally.

Victon - Chan

Sup, dimples.

Victon - Chan

So many dimples.

Victon - Chan

Each feature is a check, check, check.

Victon - Chan

He seems to favor the dark hair.

Victon - Chan

But this blond? Magnificent.

Victon - Chan

Val said he’s considered the uncle of the group.

I call UNCLE!

Stop being so cute.


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