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Posted by Stephanie on January 26, 2021


Gameboys 2

The first teaser for Gameboys 2 is out and I’m…conflicted as to how I feel about it. The news that Gameboys 2 was happening has been swirling since pretty much since Gameboys 2 ended. Actually, now that I think about out, they might have even announced it at the very last episode. So it was no secret this thing was coming. But now, with the teaser, there’s no turning back now!

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the show. It was a good one. As one of the first Filipino BLs I’ve seen, and as I’m pretty sure, one of the first dramas which actually based their premise around the COVID pandemic, situating the show almost entirely over social media, with fears and issues that we were currently dealing with in real life, it instantly was relatable and caught our attention. Though I thought it floundered a bit towards the mid-end, struggling with the extended episode run, it ended well, in a believable, adult way.

Which is where my issue lies. It ended. Sure we love these characters and want to see more of them (especially them in the same room), but what story was left? Would the premise hold out now that they are together and separated? If they struggled a bit for storyline in the first season, how are they going to fill a second one? Then the teaser came out.

So, interesting, the story seems to pick up EXACTLY where we left it. Cai with Gav in the time his mother allowed him before he has to move with the family to a city far away. (We’re talking plane rides.) This couple who just got together, literally, is going to have to move, once again, to an online relationship. I wonder if the whole thing is going to be this time in between? The countdown of when Cai has to leave? Sure, cute, cute, cute, but whhhere is my story? We did that virtually. It’s fun to see Ruby come back as, though she was one of my favorite characters in season one, she kind of drifted off there in the middle while the couple floundered and I (laugh, can’t help it) resented her for it. But has their favorite person, and the person who has welcomely been the third part of their relationship, she really needed to be here. I’m not so happy to see Terrance though.


Didn’t we do that storyline? Like every part of it? The trying to wedge himself in between the couple, playing the creepy ex-boyfriend, to Gav getting closer and becoming friends with him again, when Cai wasn’t available, processing his incoming move away, causing Cai to be jealous of their relationship. (I think that’s where I got a little eye-rolly at the show.) Terrance even got his own episode at the end of the drama to show that he grew up and moved on. Why is he back looking so angsty and earnest?

Gameboys 2

I mean. Don’t get me wrong. We’re going to watch this. No question. I’m just…concerned. I hope this ends up being more like Still 2Gether which ended up completing the plot and relationship of 2Gether rather than The SaifahZon Story which made me glad that this portion of the storyline had been left out of Why R U? as it would have made it a lesser drama.

Also. Can I stand a whole series of… Baby! Babbbby! Babe! Baaaby! Baby! Baby! Baby! I shudder a little bit.










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