Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Looking Forward

Posted by SaraG on January 28, 2021


No secret, I love trolling for the next group I’m going to fall in love with, I prefer learning trainees before they debut as idols, and I adore theatrical and fantastical concepts. Over the last couple of weeks, KpopontheDL has been tossing me teasers for the debut of the new group Kingdom – not to be confused with Kingdom the survival show airing in the coming months. This new gaggle of idols-to-be are coming out of the gate with a medieval king concept including armor and swords and I am way into it. 

I am justifying this post as a Throwback because GF Entertainment (Formerly NOS Entertainment) opened the group’s YouTube channel nine months ago and started posting content to include little mini get to know you type shows, dance covers, vocal covers, and special gifts to their growing fan base. This isn’t a huge company, but they seem to know how to develop a fan infrastructure and build some excitement prior to even putting out any original songs. I have to admit, after a morning of scrolling through some pretty silly videos, I’m finding myself somewhat invested in their success already. 

The group consists of seven members: Dann, Arthur, Louis, Mujin, Jahan, Ivan, and Chiwoo. See what they did there? Did you get it? Two of the members were part of Varsity back in 2017 and one of those two was a participant on Mixnine. The others are fresh, shy, and slightly awkward newbies full of raw talent and potential. They all have a distinct look and personality and it took me less than an hour to have them sorted and learned. I even tested myself later in the day and I still knew them. This says a lot to me about how much I’m paying attention and what sort of natural chemistry I might have with a group and it’s members. And when I feel that connection, I am more likely to stick to them like glue.

I get a little nervous when the company is so small – will they have enough money to do all of the promotion? Will they struggle to get the level of training and support that other groups get? Are they going to last through the inevitable hard times in order to enjoy their moment? But then I remember that a lot of the companies we’re much more familiar with are super broke and they manage. I can’t force my heart to make smart business decisions so I’ll just have to lean into it as I did with those other small company nugus like BTS and ATEEZ in years past. 

Let’s look forward to them making a splash!

Dope (BTS), Kingdom Dance Cover


  • Reply Val Gal January 30, 2021 at 12:22 pm

    Ohhhh super intrigued. Definitely going to check them out.

    • Reply SaraG January 30, 2021 at 3:49 pm

      It comes out Feb 18 so the teasers have started picking up steam and they’re glorious

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