Khottie of the Week: Seventeen’s Jun

Posted by Stephanie on January 31, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Jun, Seventeen

Jun is here, and he’s coming straight for your heart! How do I know this? Well, looking at his pictures, there is a Jun for every occasion, a Jun for every preference. You have a type? Jun is here to fill it. So, the question isn’t, why is Seveteen’s Jun Khottie of the Week, its, how has not been already?

Though not on the site, I have been through a Seventeen Kpop School.

Jun, Seventeen

Way back in the day before we were doing it for the site, SaraG would entertain my commute with teaching me idol groups.


First was Pentagon.

Jun, Seventeen

Then we did Seventeen.

Jun, Seventeen

Let’s just say the Seventeen class stuck with me.

Jun, Seventeen

Sorry Pentagon.

Jun is one of the Chinese members.

Jun, Seventeen

And when I think Jun, hands down, I always think about this.

They did a version in both Mandarin and Korean.

Jun, Seventeen

The video is so mesmerizing.

So I usually think of Jun and The8 as a pair.

But Jun is here to tell you, he does fine all on his own.

He seems to be specializing in being an idol for everyone.

Jun, Seventeen

Jun for animal lovers.

Jun for book lovers.

Jun coming for our friend Val.

Jun for lovers of idols in leather pants, bonus points for the ukeleli.

Jun for ahjummas.

Jun, Seventeen

Jun for kid fans.

Jun, Seventeen

Jun for the business type.

Jun for the retro type.

Jun for the outdoor lovers.

See? What did I tell you?

You have a type?

There’s a Jun for you.


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