Hello Again, Stranger

Posted by Stephanie on February 2, 2021


Hellooooo Stranger! Though I hope after all these years, we’re no longer strangers. Last week I did a post on the teaser for the upcoming Gameboys 2 and after watching the Hello Stranger: The Movie teasers which also came out, it seemed only fair I do a post on it, you know, considering I actually ended up liking Hello Stranger more than Gameboys.

I know, the previous statement will probably get me a lot of flack, but I can’t help it. Hello Stranger was just lovely and endearing. The strangers to friends to possible lovers story just warmed my heart. It also helped a lot that Tony Labrusca is probably one of the hottest men ever and watching him smile on screen made my stomach flutter. I say it helped, but really, it was the story that did it for me.

I was a little concerned when I learned that they were going to do a movie. At first, I thought they were going to be cutting the existing footage into a movie, which would be a shame, but, after watching these teasers, it’s actually going to be an extension, a what comes after.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

If I’m watching these properly, it doesn’t quite pick up where the story left off but a little while after, once the restrictions have lifted and the college kids are back to doing group activities, mainly the favorite activity of all BLs? Volunteer camp! (Seriously, so many shows have at least an episode or two where they truck the kids off to some sort of camp where our main characters are thrown together.)

Though I said above that they were strangers to friends to almost lovers, I’m going to admit, I thought they were further along in their relationship than where they are here. It’s like the last scene happened, both confessed to having feelings for each other and then they take a big step back. Which, while disappointing, my rational brain is already starting to rationalize it. They fell in love when they were both in lockdown, alone and scared, trying to hold onto normal. Their whole relationship was created in that bubble. It has to be really different when they meet in person and have to interact that way… hell, I’d be weird and awkward too!

While the show ended in a lovely place, I think there is still story to tell here. Mico and his co-dependant mother — you can’t tell me she’s going to be too happy her son is getting a life and won’t be at the house all the time. And Mico’s tendency to drop everything to help her — can’t tell me that Xavier is going to be too happy being left all the time. Plus, we barely know anything about Xavier. Was he always bisexual? Or are his feelings for Mico completely new? In which case, how is that landing going to be for him? He goes into lockdown, hugely popular with a long term girlfriend and comes out not only dating a guy but one of the weirdest…ahem…most unique individuals out there? How is he going to react to the flack he’s going to get for that? Xavier is a good guy, I want to say he’s going stand tall for Mico and their feelings, but is there going to be a flounder once they are back under the eyes of society?

I almost say this should be another show, not a movie, but they did a REALLY good job with the first show, I’m going to trust the production that this was the best move for the story and actors. Unsurprisingly, I’m going to be putting this show on top of my list for wanna watch 2021.


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