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Posted by Stephanie on February 8, 2021


Stephanie here! It’s SaraG’s birthday! Well, to be more exact, tomorrow is SaraG’s birthday! So, do us all a favor, close your eyes and make a little wish or happy thought to our good friend and contributor, SaraG! In honor of her birthday, both Alix and I have taken the day off, we’re going to socially distance watch a drama, drink some booze, eat some meat, eat some cake. You know, all the important parts of a birthday.

I think we’ve mentioned before that SaraG is a musical giver. Every morning, she’ll get up and spend the time before she has to start her day watching videos, and sharing what she thinks each of her friends will enjoy into various chats. So you’ll wake up to a string of “Here, I watched this and thought you’d like it.” Which, in the language of SaraG is “I love you, and I want you to be happy.”

I’m not always the best at watching these as they flow into the chat. I tend to lump them all together and watch after I have a whole playlist to catch up on. So I thought, for this birthday, I’d take a spin through some of the videos SaraG sent me, and appreciate the thoughts and effort.

Oneus – No Diggity Relay Dance

Great song, as expected, I mean, it’s Oneus, that’s to be expected. Though I think my favorite is the other featured song of the album. If you’re looking for a name for that song, I’m going to say, “Who do you think I am? SaraG? I don’t know that stuff!” This had some great styling,I like how everyone’s hair, even the ones in the crazy colors all complimented each other. Their outfits worked with the individual styling, which worked with the colors on the green screen. Very eye-catching. I used to love relay videos and, while I still like them a lot, I do miss the more spontaneous performances. They had a basic idea, but were not really choreographed. Nowadays, mixing the front person with the ones behind them, all working together, while fun, leaves me a little, mmmm wishing for the old days. In these videos, I do tend to spend a lot of time watching behind the front few people performing, watching people move to the back to the line, watching for interactions there, as that’s where you can still find the fun relaxed moments. +

NCT U, Work It Ten Focus

Okay, that was magical. SaraG knows there is just something about Ten that does it for me. He makes his dance moves look effortless. I watched this whole thing with my jaw dropped, and it wasn’t just for the leather pants.

NCT U, Work It Jungwoo Focus

So interesting to see each individual fan cam. I like that they are starting to put these out. I can’t help but compare Junwoo’s with Ten’s and have to say, it seems unfair for anyone to have to dance next to Ten. While Jungwoo, the lovely bean isn’t as strong of a dancer, he clearly has more to do with the singing of the song, where it was just him singing solo. That’s got to feel good for him.

Roda (M.O.N.T) – You Fan Song

Had he lost a ton of weight? I mean, that’s a very idol thing to do, but he looks so teeny. Enjoying the 90’s retro filming. Shows you can have a teeennnny budget and still make a video you want to watch through. Is he the one who went into teh military? Is that why he has a goodbye song? Awwwww

Nu’est, Shadow

Masks on backup dancers! That always makes me give huge kudos to a live performance. Staying safe is sexy guys. Nu’est styling is always a little bit of a mixed bag but I really appreciate JR’s lower back peekaboo, I also like Baekho’s mini corset, though I think, I’d like to see him wrapped up in a full one, that would be….insert inappropriate thoughts here.

Bibi, Eat My Love

I was interested to see this one, I did play it without really paying attention to the video while working and unlike the Hyuna video to come, I actually like the video a lot more than the actual song. The styling and concepts are just a lot of fun. The song is growing on me, but I can’t see it making any of my end of the year lists, I think I prefer her harder, edgier songs.

Hyuna – I’m Not Cool

This is one of the ones I watched the moment it was released as I couldn’t help but be horribly fascinated by it as I find Hyuna just a little creepy…verdict? While I don’t really like the video? The song is catchy as hell and I can see myself listening to it without the video.

MCND – Crush Relay

Again, same relay video issue, but, I can say, I like realizing I know the MCND boys! Hey! I know you! Hey! I know that one too!

Sweaters – Laundry

This sounds like it needs to be on a tvN or the like soundtrack doesn’t it? If this were like ten years ago, I’d expect it to be included on the one for Coffee Prince, or, with the plucky strings, it sounds more like it would fit with the songs of Pasta. These guys are just too cute.

BeWhy, SweetHome OST

Seems classic Bewhy. Not as instantly catching as the one from 2019, but it does make me wonder if I should check out the show it comes from. I have some mixed emotions with Bewhy with him leading the charge on banning real people based fanfic in Korea, but I’m hoping to be able to move past that…unless the law passes and then I think that Bewhy and I are going to have to break up for real.

SMA Nu’est I’m in Trouble + Moon Dance + Drive

So many thoughts here! 1) While I’m glad that Aron is off getting the time off and hopefully help that he needs, I do miss him. 2) So much peekaboo skin here! I hope there is some sort of fabric liner in there because otherwise, I feel like that heavy fabric has got to be irritating on all that bare skin (giggle). 3) In the second set, Minhyun is looking pretteeeeeee fine. I’m going to say and then back away quickly, as they are SaraG’s favorites, JR and Minhyun are looking the most alluring here. 5) Actually, Ren is looking real good too. The only one I don’t love is Baekho, his makeup is just not a great color for him. The lipstick….there’s something about it. I know they all wear it, but his shade is “LOOK AT MY SHADE, I’M WEARING LIPSTICK!” But it seems to have been fixed in the third set. Maybe they just grabbed the wrong tube in the last costume change and didn’t have a chance to fix it. 6) Ren’s last outfit needs a few more laces at the bottom. The way it stops where it does causes the heavy fabric to pop out right by his belly, giving him the look of a round belly we all KNOW he doesn’t have. Oh, his face is so pretty here though.

A.C.E. Junhee, I Hope So

Raise your hand if you would buy an A.C.E album. Like vinyl? Is there somewhere I can put in my request? Gah, these guys are so individually and as a whole, talented. No autotune needed on any of them. There wasn’t a single one of them hired on as ‘the visual’….though they all could be. It’s just…amazing how talented they are. They are the one thing I’m grateful to 2020 for.

Victon, What I said

Oooh, here’s a group I’ve been trying to learn! I LIKE this song! I appreciate the video as it focuses on each member during their parts, I’m both pleased and realized how far I have to go on being able to tell the members apart while watching this. Sometimes there are flashes… “I KNOW THIS ONE!” but mostly it’s….”Wait, this one is… Seungsik right? There’s a Chan, right?” I’m going to have to work harder. (Let’s see, without cheating how many names I remember, Chan, Byongchan, Seungsik, Sejun, Hanse, Subin?  Who am I missing?)

Rolling Quartz – Blaze

This is one I actually saw before Sara shared it with me! Not for me music, but I appreciate what they are trying to do.


Yay Sharing! Yay Music! Yay SaraG! Happy Birthday, Friend!



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    The happiest of birthdays to you, my musical genius friend!! Enjoy your day and eat well!

    • Reply SaraG February 27, 2021 at 6:26 pm

      Thanks!!!!! Genius is pushing…let’s say, know-it-all. I’m more comfortable with that.

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