Gong Hyo Jin Coming Back To TV!

Posted by Stephanie on February 10, 2021


And by tv, I mean Netflix. And by coming back, I mean she’s in talks. So that title is filled with lurid falsities! Man, if you can’t trust me, who can you trust? Anyway, Gong Hyo Jin is in talks to join up in her first drama since that surprise serial killer one she did a couple of years ago, and the premise sounds pretty fun.

If you’re a drama enthusiast, that is!

The show is called Woman of Crisis and is about a famous makjang drama writer. Since she is a makjang writer, it will be a bit of a show within a show as the drama will have all the stereotypical makjang tropes, like the secret baby and the chaebol heir (is that still a big thing in dramas nowadays? I haven’t seen it for a while but maybe I’m just not watching the right shows anymore). Hopefully, they are going to take those tropes and spin them a little, like maybe be a fun take on the makjang? Like, oooh you think the show is going to go this way but ‘surprise!’ nope! It happened a lot in a Thai BL we just finished up, Thonlon Chonlatee, where just where you think you know what’s about to happen, nope, it spun in another direction.

The info I’m seeing has this being a direct Netflix show and it makes me wonder, do these actually go on air in Korea? Or are these ‘Netflix’ shows like the ones made for the US Netflix and are made for the sole purpose of being on Netflix? It’s not really relevant to the show at all, but it’s something I wonder about. At what point does Netflix put their name on it? Are they paying for it or are they just the distributor? I want to say that Kingdom and its sequel were directly made only for Netflix, but I don’t think that all shows are.

This post has taken a turn. Sorry, Gong Hyo Jin!

Gong Hyo Jin used to be one of my favorite actresses, I was actually talking about my old-time favorite drama the other day, Pasta. For the most part, she could probably be considered now primarily a movie actress, and she’s good there, getting her roles with a lot more range than what you’d find on TV, but in my heart of hearts, I always like seeing her on TV. Reminds me of the high points of my drama watching beginnings.

While I’m not super excited about the premise, I could see her accepting the role. Who wants to turn down a Netflix show? They have a high production value, since its Netflix, everyone is probably going to get paid, and if it’s all pre-filmed, it would have a better schedule and, in the time of COVID, probably safer than a live shoot.

Woman of Crisis is very much in the early stages (especially since they don’t have their cast nailed down yet) so I can’t tell you when it’s expected to start airing, my guess would be probably not until the later part of the year. Fall maybe? I think the real question for you though is, who is going to be the costar? Just think of the possibilities! Gong Hyo Jin and the projects she works on do have a tendency to sign on some top leading men.

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