Throwback (Musical) Thursday – The Same Spots

Posted by SaraG on February 11, 2021


Usually, I am all about the up and coming and the new, but for the last few weeks I’ve had a little hankering for some old school Kpop – or, I guess, old school for me. I came into the genre in 2012-2013ish so I’m not exactly craving the Kpop of my youth, but the sound has grown and changed pretty significantly in the last decade. While I prefer the influence hip-hop and R&B have had on the music in the last few years, I’ve gotta say, there is definitely a time and place for some classic power-pop ballads of days gone by. 

It is also very important for us to pull out the old groups and remember the conditions under which they were working, the barriers they knocked up against, and the styling they endured. I think it’s important to remember the styling because we for damn sure are going to see it again eventually. Come one, Dalmatian did ER in 2012 with fake tattoos, lots of skin, shaggy hair, and heavy eye makeup. IT’s 2021 and the groups we love all have fake tattoos, bare skin, shaggy hair, and heavy eye makeup. 

I have to say, if we have to pull inspiration from somewhere, this is not a bad source. 

Dalmatian had a complicated and long story from member changes, early enlistment, label changes, name changes, to marijuana scandals all in the three to four years between debut and disbandment. Most groups back in the day, unless they were on one of the very few big labels at the time, had all the scandals and all the struggles. It was part of the charm. It added to the fun. Everything was a bit of a time bomb. Which, I guess, like the styling, also keeps coming back around.  

ER, Dalmatian


note: I’m aware that I posted this same song a few years ago…but come on…look at it. 

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  • Reply Stephanie February 11, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    You can totally tell Kpop of a certain age! Yep this song is from the years of my kpop origin stories! I also love popping back there. Oh yeah, I loved this!

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