BL and Bubbles: The February Edition

Posted by Stephanie on February 13, 2021


Sure, it’s almost halfway through the month. Sure, this post is super late. But you have to understand…nothing, I have no excuse but I’m running behind 😀 As there are a lot of big shows ending this month, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of big named ones to replace them. February seems to be a quiet month for BL. There are a few shows here we’ve been pretty excited for like Tale of a Thousand Stars which was a surprise addition to the end of January, the movie sequel to Hello Stranger, and a huge surprise, the second season of Ben X Jim! I had no idea it was coming out so quickly!

But first an update:

Shows we’ve completed: 

Thonlon Chonlatee – Awww while I didn’t love the epilogue, man this ended up being a cute show! All the uhoh, this is about to turn dark turns we were anticipating, always ended up being gentle bumps. Don’t take it too seriously, its just a bucket of cute.

Gen Y – SURPRISE! This is a knock-off 2Moons2. For the most part we were watching for the Mark/Kit couple and ignored the rest but then about halfway through the show went crazy and we were hooked. Can’t wait for season 2! I know! I never thought I’d be saying that!

Win Jamie’s Heart – Hmmm… this is a hard show to explain or to rate. Do I regret watching? No. Would I do it again? No. I feel like there might be a season 2 as it ended in a way where it thinks it came to a conclusion but really just stopped.

Currently Watching:

Cupid Coach – Ummm… what kind of a whack job show is this? And super low budget. I kind of can’t wait to go back.

We Best Love – Not what I expected, but it’s cute! I hear there is going to be a season two so I’m concerned it ends on a cliffhanger, but we’re here for it.

Jan 15th

One Day Love – 7 Eps

One Day Pag-ibig is a story with many questions for its characters: Who am I? What will I do? Will I take the risk?

This is the story of Roi, Kyle and his friends who went to a private resort to refresh and unwind. Roi, the owner of the resort, saved Kyle, who fell on the pool and nearly drowned. At first they weren’t comfortable with each other because of differences in their background and character. Eventually, they became friends. But what happens next?


Jan 29th

Tale of a Thousand Stars

A volunteer teacher dies in a tragic accident, in which her heart is transplanted to Tian. Through a series of diary entries Tian learns about her life; her secrets and interests. Including her promise to Chief Forest officer Phupha, about counting a thousand stars with him. Tian then decides to follow in her footsteps and complete her dream. With Tian a new volunteer teacher, he attempts to befriend Phupha. Yet, Phupha gives off a cold exterior. Slowly the two grow close, but Tian’s heart beats fast around the forest officer. As he starts to fall for him, much like its previous owner did. But with the area being dangerous, can they keep their thousand-star promise?

Will we watch? Yep. We’ve been waiting for this one for what seems like years. It’s been pushed around probably the entire time we’ve been doing BL and Bubbles so we’re excited its finally here. 


Feb 1st

Deal LoverDeal Lover – 12 episodes

A grandma with Alzeimers forgets that she has agreed to sell her house, not to one person but two. The two clashes but, maybe sparks fly. One of the buyers has a brother who happens to have fallen for the other buyers friend, thankfully it seems the feeling is mutual.

Will We Watch? From the teaser this looks like it might not be a straight up BL, the main couple seems straight, they don’t really show the gay couple, so either the teaser or misleading or the poster is pushing a bl angle. Not sure if we’ll watch. 


Feb 9th

evening cafeEvening Cafe – 4 eps

Tham, a handsome young Barista at the Kanya café lived a very simple and boring life until one day, Sky is hired as a new barista at the café…

Will We Watch? I heard there was going to be a Thai version of Antique Bakery, though the teaser makes it look like it is, I’m hoping its not as its only 4 episodes. But it is only 4 episodes so I’m sure we will watch. 


Feb 12th

Ben X Jim ForeverBen X Jim Forever – 8 Episodes

Jumping off from the story of Ben X Jim Season 1, Ben and Jim, who were childhood friends that became lovers, ultimately part ways. Jim, after throwing everything away because of the decision with Ben, now works as a barista, all the while looking for Ben, who went missing after the unfortunate ending.

With the help of friends, Jim, tries to find Ben, while recounting all the good times he had with Ben, thru letters that will be revealed he sent to Ben, over the years, until June 5, 2015, his last letter.

Will We Watch? Its Ben and Jim. Alix loves Ben and Jim and I want to know what happens next so of course we’re going to watch it. 


Feb 19th

Meet My Angel – 8 eps

The story of a guy named Damon who doesn’t believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell. He doesn’t even believe that there is God because everything that happened to him leads him to be a victim of depression and he tried to kill himself several times. But everything changed when his Guardian Angel meets him in his dream and finally meet him personally to teach everything he needs to learn about how humans should value their life even if they are part of the not so fully accepted LGBT community. His angel taught him to love himself even if other people try to get rid of him because of his illness; which is HIV.

But while his angel taught him these lessons to be a righteous person and to move accordingly to how he should associate himself with others, the Angel got the best lesson which is to fall in love with Damon. And they took the risk of being sinful because of their decision to love each other.

Will We Watch? No teaser yet, or at least not one that I can find. I’m wondering if this is going to be pushed. I’ll need to have more info before we judge. 


Hello Stranger: The Movie

The XavMi craze continues as a writing camp takes the virtual killing to the real world! Come and join the old gang, along with exciting new characters, as they celebrate youth and all forms of love this Valentine’s Day!

Will we watch? Yep. Yep, yep, yep, yep. 


Feb 24th

Lovely Writer

Gene, a writer by profession, is one day given a request by his publisher to try his hand at a new type of genre, which is Boys Love. Accepting this new challenge, Gene writes and publishes a Y novel that is well received and becomes incredibly successful. So successful that it even gets made into a BL drama.
This is the story of how Gene, a popular writer, gets deceived by the 20-year-old guy, Nubsib, who comes to audition for the lead role—pretending to be polite and good-natured when he is a wolf in reality through and through.

Will we watch? While I’m concerned about the angst factor, we’re already looking forward to this one. 


Feb 26th

You Make Me Dance – 8 eps

Song Shi On is an aspiring contemporary dancer who has recently been thrown out of the house by his family, while Jin Hong Seok gave up on his dream to dance and now lives off his investments as a mortgage collector.
These two wind up sharing a place and the action unfolds from there.

Will we watch? Korean BL? Even our non-BL watching friends watch these things. 


Feb 27th

Bed Weather

Have you experienced loneliness in the middle of a storm? As though there’s something missing… As though you need someone to share your life with in this cuddle weather.

Will we watch? I’m interested to see what this show is really about and I love me some Filipino dramas but we’ve def been lax on watching some of these fringe shows. 


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  • Reply Sam February 16, 2021 at 3:51 pm

    Hi Stephanie,
    I wanted to thank you for this site. The lists are so very helpful to find series or movies which aren’t ending in a gut-wrenching manner; I can’t have those. And the recommended ones are usually really good.
    And to get to a current show: I watched Hello, Stranger and liked it. Fortunately the same weekend the movie dropped, so I was able to continue right away. Have you seen it? I don’t want to spoil you, so I just say I liked the acting and the story; even though there is a tinge of irritation after watching it.

    • Reply Stephanie February 17, 2021 at 7:15 pm

      I’m now concerned, very concerned. I haven’t watched it yet! I hope they don’t mess it up!

      And thanks for reading, I totally started the lists because there wasn’t a lot of information out there, and I kept watching these TERRIBLE movies where it was all hopeless and demeaning endings. Luckily, times are shifting and we don’t have to look so hard for non-angst!

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