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Posted by SaraG on February 15, 2021


When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a really long time, it becomes both easier and more challenging to give the exactly right present. Especially when that person is a responsible and well-balanced adult that has a tendency to get the things she needs when she needs them and the things that she wants when…well, when she needs them. My KB and I have settled into a long term situation where we give gifts to our friends as a couple and so know exactly what we are giving to each other each Christmas, where we goad each other into buying special little treats for ourselves every now and again (which is also another form of gift-giving), and where we have a ‘regular’ gift that keeps on giving for every birthday. We make each other a bias desk calendar for our offices – be they at home or in our actual place of business – making sure to highlight the sexy and romantic fantasy partners we self-select and a few we are aware of just because we talk every single day.

In our little group of friends, we have three big birthdays every February. We kick it off with mine on the 9th and then come to a crescendo on the 14th with both Liz and Alix celebrating their successful trip around the sun. So today, at the time of writing, and yesterday, at the time of posting, I’m spending a lot of time fretting about just the right presents. I come from a family of moderate birthday gift-givers. We do it up for the kids, but by the time you’re in your teens, birthdays are more about getting to choose what we’re having for dinner and dessert and splitting time between family and friends for time’s sake and not necessarily presents. I LOVE gift-giving, but I have a knack for fretting about it for months and then completely forgetting until the actual day has arrived and I’ve already missed my timing. Having this regular calendar making event really makes it easy for me because it’s a task I can fully dedicate myself to at the end of January every year and know that Alix is going to love it regardless of my lack of creative new ideas. 

I also like the idea of events being presents, almost more so than physical items. Especially after the last year of comfort shopping and making our homes as completely decked out as possible because we NEVER LEAVE THEM. But again, in this time of COVID, grandiose public displays of affection in celebration of someone or someones is kind of challenging. Unless, it turns out, you are a Kpop group. 

This year, NCT 127 came out hard for Alix and Liz, just a couple of days ago dropping the teaser below for their new single gimme gimme and then releasing the track ON THEIR BIRTHDAY. The group just knew who some of their biggest fans are and that the best way to honor their arrival on this lonely planet was to write them an anthem. Dudes went ahead and topped my calendar and birthday gifs. Because I’m writing before their birthday, I don’t have the link to the track yet, but here, for your enjoyment and to prompt you to check it out, is the teaser.  

gimme gimme, NCT 127 (Teaser)

Not to be topped, is Lucy, that lovely group we’ve discussed before with their pop rock tunes and their violin backing. Named after a dog that used to hang around their practice space (and incidentally, named after Alix’s own pooch), this group is one of Alix’s very very fav acts. She loves them all dearly and feels pretty strongly about their music. So what did they go and do? Put together a comeback being released on February 16, just two days after B-Day. I assume it’s being directly marketed to Alix, but to ensure success, it’s available for everyone to hear. The tracklist preview is at the link below. SO PROMISING. 

Inside Track Preview, Lucy

I just love when a group knows that their biggest fans deserve presents too.

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