How To Be Thirty

Posted by Stephanie on February 16, 2021


I probably also could have used a guidebook as to how to be thirty. Those years are tricky! But something tells me my thirties guidebook would not have come with Kang Min Hyuk!

Because really, who is that lucky?

I want to say that fresh out of the military, Kang Min Hyuk from CNBlue is starring in a new drama, but he’s actually been around for a while. He and CNBlue came out with a new release last year, they were even on an episode of one of my favorite variety shows, Kbob Star where they ate their weight in various meats.

(I’d like to take a moment to say I really hope that KBob Star comes back once COVID is taken care of? All of their cooking and feeding each other was making me nervous, but I’m sure in another time, I’ll come back to being delighted with this show.)

Anyway, now that Min Hyuk has done his idol responsibilities, he’s popping back into drama acting, and, let’s just say, he looks dreamy!

The drama, How To Be Thirty or Not Yet Thirty, is based around three friends in their thirties one of them, Seo Ji Won, a webtoon writer, who meets her old high school love, who happens to be her publisher.

What a coincidence!

As your typical Kdrama hero, he pretends not to remember her and seems all cold and standoffish, but is really a big pile of swoony mush inside. I hope their previous romance didn’t end badly and that’s why he’s pretending he doesn’t notice her. Like she dumped him and he’s still mad or he dumped her and is embarrassed.

This also being a Kdrama, he’s not the only one vying for her attention. While he is her age, she has an older suitor played by Song Jae Rim, who, I’m not going to lie, I had to double-take on, because I so did NOT recognize him.

I even googled just to make sure it was actually THE Song Jae Rim and not some other actor with the same name. Nope, it’s him. Has it been so long since I’ve seen him that I’ve just forgotten what he looks like? Is that a thing? Anyway, he’s going to play the guy in charge of bringing her webtoon in a live-action adaptation and will probably play the perfect older guy.

Sorry Song Jae Rim, you might be age-appropriate to me, but in this story? I’m Min Hyuk all the way.

Surprisingly, even though this show is due to premiere at the end of the month, this same month that we are halfway through, there does not appear to be a trailer for it yet. My guess is I’m going to post this and it’s going to come out within seconds…. as that’s my lot in life.

Also surprisingly, the show is going to be 15 episodes and each episode is going to be 20 minutes long! You know what this means? How To Be Thirty is right in my attention span safe zone. This show just might be made for me!

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