Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Memory Lane

Posted by SaraG on February 18, 2021


Last week I kind of knowingly posted an MV that I’d done years ago as my Throwback Thursday write up. I admit freely that when I was typing it up, it felt familiar to the site and not just my musical memories, but I went ahead and did the whole thing before going to check out whether or not I’d used it before. And then I went ahead and posted it anyway. The more I ruminated about it, the happier I was with the situation. I’ve been writing posts for Kchat for what is quickly approaching five years. Twice a week for nearly five years. That’s a lot of music that has come and gone and a lot of posts nobody is going to go back and read. These are countless songs that deserve to be brought out every now and again to be enjoyed and loved just as they were the first time around and for new fans, they should be highlighted again, for the first time.

This being the case, I dropped the Dalmatian link into a chat I have with KpoponthDL and our sweet Val Gal because I know that the former loves that video and the latter needed to see it desperately whether she knew it or not. This video prompted a lovely stroll down memory lane which, I think, will continue for a while. The first group to be fawned over and, ultimately whose disbandment saddened us, was B.A.P. This group, man, they were incredible. The ups, the downs, the joys, the heartbreaks, and their constant effort to humanize idols as professional artists and people with real live feelings and struggles. Way back in 2017 they released a song that spoke to many a fan about mental health and the challenges we all face in addressing the stigma around asking for help. To this day, watching this video for the first time was one of the most memorable moments in my Kpop journey. Not only is the song exceptionally written and perfectly suited for the group, but it’s also fairly timeless in its pop perfection. It’s an honest take on how disturbing our minds can be and just how normal that is. Wake Me Up easily fits on my tops songs of all time. 

I miss B.A.P. I’m happy they are all figuring out their own paths and hopefully doing what they want to be doing. But I do so miss everything about the magic they created together. 

Wake Me Up, B.A.P.

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  • Reply Stephanie February 18, 2021 at 10:01 am

    Man, I used to love B.A.P! Your post last week and the discussion from it actually made me go back and start listening to my old favorites. This was the music that first turned us onto kpop, its nice to see as far as we’ve come those songs are still around and, for the most part, still hold up.

    FIVE YEARS. Can you even believe it? Its amazing and humbling. Thanks for being a part of this, friend. 🙂

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