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Posted by Stephanie on February 23, 2021


Dear.M Poster

I feel like I’m writing a formal letter. Dear.M, thank you for your interest in our store, if you’d like to have someone actually followup with you, please leave contact information. Sincerely, Stephanie. But in the case of the upcoming Dear.M, I think anonymity is part of the whole plot and more should be taken as writing a letter to Dear Abby. (Ouch, did I just date myself?)

After having such a good time with Jaehyun as Khottie last week, I realized it had been a while since I said anything about his upcoming show. And upcoming it is considering the thing premiers in THREE DAYS. (Man, it’s like time is both moving both incredibly fast and achingly slow.)

Since we last talked about the show, probably back when Jaehyun was first cast, catching my attention, we have a whole lot more information. Just as I wrote previously, the show is a spin-off from an existing series called Love Playlist. A few of the original characters remain (although some are recast) and it takes place within the same college world. This time on a school web forum, someone publicly and yet anonymously declares their love for someone. Who is that person, M? We don’t know. Who are they declaring to? Well, we don’t know that either.

From the looks of it, the show is going to be mostly based on trying to figure out this very question.

Now, just in time considering that whole three-day thing, we do have a teaser:

Not going to lie, this teaser was a little lackluster for me. It didn’t reach out and say YOU MUST WATCH THIS. But, I mean, Jaehyun is in there looking all dreamy and lovesick so the show does have that going for it. My guess, especially from how the poster is shot and the teaser, he’s going to have a thing for his best friend (the girl) all angsting from afar, she’s going to get a thing for the grabby new guy (he couldn’t have just handed her the handkerchief? Or said “Hey, that’s not a great idea”), the couple sitting together are an existing couple or a couple in the works, and the long red-haired one is going to be the trouble maker. Seems fairly straightforward.

I suppose it’s too much to ask for another teaser to come out between now and when the show comes out so I get get a little bit more excited about the show. While Jaehyun does have me all swoony, so does Nu’est’s Minhyun and I wasn’t able to stick with his show where all I was sticking around for was him. (Sorry, Minhyun.) I do want to see how Jaehyun does as an actor. And, I guess there are worse things in the world than watching Jung Jaehyun on the screen looking besotted. Right?

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