Fun Friday: KCrafting KStickers

Posted by Stephanie on February 26, 2021


I have a very important question to ask you. I don’t really need to buy 23 stickers off Red Bubble, do I? Think very carefully about this. What does buying 23 stickers say about me as an adult? What does it say about the person I’ve become?

It says I have a kcraft in the works!

It started with all the stickers that we, as kpop fans, accumulate in our travels. Every album comes with them nowadays. Tossed in like happy little hellos. Though they have sat sadly inside those albums for years, the thought of them lingered. What do we do with them? What do adults use stickers on?

Here’s the thing, I actually HATE using stickers, and I always have. It’s a matter of, once you use them they are essentially gone. Sure you can stick them on a laptop, but 1) then my fandom stickers are out there waving a flag for all to see 2) what happens when my laptop dies? Those stickers are gone forever! Same with water bottles. Here in Colorado, it’s a big reusable water bottle culture. Everywhere you go, you bring your big ass water bottle and that waterbottle had better be covered in stickers or else you might be kicked out of Colorado. But I can’t tell you how many water bottles I’ve lost.

That’s it right? As an adult, those are all my sticker options?

So the stickers stayed in their albums untouched, unused. On top of that, I’d get collections of stickers for Christmas, and I’d buy my own stickers when buying Christmas presents for others. One for you, one for me, one for you….  They’d be added to their own pile, tucked away.

Eventually, I came up with the idea I was going to buy some magnet sheets and turn them into fridge magnets. I know. Cheating right? Using them and yet still not using them? Whatever, I didn’t care. So I purchased my sheets, ready to craft, and yet….still nothing

Finally, I sat down on a craft and chat afternoon with Val and got started. I pulled stickers from albums, I got out my collection. And I got assembling. Let me tell you, it got to be a little addictive.

Check out some of the ones that I did:

Zutter – GD&T.O.P (Its the first one I did, so its a little…janky)



2Gether The Series


I realize I need sharper scissors for this! You can see that from where I started backing the stickers in a black paper I had and then putting the whole thing against the magnet sheet… less edges to cut around!

Anyway, from there, I moved on, a Kpop Crafting/Organizing whirlwind. Other things that come with albums? The boyfriend card. A tiny little card of one of the members. I try very hard to resist the urge to collect them all. There’s nothing quite like opening a new album, breath held, slipping out the cards, realizing you managed to score your bias. This must be what Charlie felt like when he unwrapped that golden ticket.

We always wondered what to do with these as well, and then a few years ago, Leila got us these clever books, probably business card holders, in order for us to sort and display.

I put mine in, and continue to as the new albums come in, but I was never super pleased with how I had it situated. Here’s the thing you probably don’t know about me. I’m an organizer. I love sorting, shifting, alphabetizing, it just makes me happy.

I know, I’m weird.

Knowing this you now know how I itched to get in there and give it some sort of order. I decided this was a great use of stickers, giving each of the bands a sticker header, letting us know whose section you were not looking it. ATEEZ for Ateez, NCT for NCT, etc.

(Yes, I realize I have a lot of Monsta X as a previous Monbebe and a current Wenee, they come with an excessive amount of boyfriend cards)

That’s when I came to the realization that, with all the stickers I owned, I didn’t own the ‘right’ kind of sticker for the project I wanted to do. This could only mean one thing, I need to buy new stickers, right? I mean, sure, it’s a huge waste of cash, but now I have a plan. I have a blueprint of what I want my boyfriend card book to look like, and, well, if I came out with more stickers for the fridge, well it can’t be helped.

Long story short: I now have 24 kpop/anything that makes me smile stickers in my cart. I’m trying really hard to pull the trigger on them, but I have trouble making purchases, in this case hesitating even when I’ve put so many into my cart I now get half off everything.

SaraG suggests I use them as rewards. This week, after finally giving in on the idea that I can totally take off the COVID pounds by myself, signed up on WW again. Wouldn’t it be a great motivation that I give myself one of these stickers every time I lose a pound? There’s a non-food reward for you! Have a good day? Lose a pound, here’s your sticker.

The only downside on that is…I won’t be able to have all my stickers now. I am a bit addicted to making magnets and I now have this plan on finishing up my boyfriend book. But I’m so excited about working on these projects, perhaps using them as that carrot, it might be worth it. Isn’t it nice to have things, no matter how small to look forward to?

I’m excited to be kcrafting again, no matter how small a project. So, what is it that you do with all your kpop schwag? All your album innards. Do you have a boyfriend card book? Or do you keep everything together so it’s as pristine as possible?

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  • Reply Val February 26, 2021 at 12:14 pm

    Squeals in fangirl! So cute. Your book is looking fab. Can’t wait till it’s safe to kcraft in person.

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