Musical Monday – Yes Please

Posted by SaraG on March 1, 2021


A pretty song with soothing lyrics? Yes, please. Last week was rough and I ended up working much of the weekend too, I definitely need some artsy, above my head graphics and an all-white dancing…turnip head? 

Seriously though, IMLAY, the DJ and producer on ScreaM Records, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, recently teamed up with Chenle from NCT Dream on a tranquil little number that is both super non-offensive and a bit mesmerizing. Don’t get me wrong here, I love me some NCT Dream and firmly believe that every member of the unit is vital to the whole. But I had NO IDEA that Chenle had such a great voice all on his own. It’s melodic and charming and highlighted quite nicely in this lyrical little narrative. I don’t think the song stretches his vocal muscles or anything – it stays in a pretty easy range and isn’t exactly complicated vocally – but it shows me that Chenle is confident and talented enough to carry a song all on his very own. I’m here for it. 

I wish I had all sorts of insight into the video or the lyrics or even IMLAY himself, but I don’t. What I have is a lot of logistics and staffing questions in my head, some political drama going on impacting my work, and more hours of PTO saved up after a year solid of this pandemic that I’m not quite sure how I’m going to use it all up before I lose it. And now I also have this song to kind of soften the edges of it all without any requirement to think hard about it or try to decipher anything from it. That kind of seems like perfection right now. 

Too Good, IMLAY (ft. Chenle from NCT Dream)

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