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Posted by Stephanie on March 3, 2021


You have to give it to Netflix for giving us some shows with unique premises…and of course…the budget to back it up! Their latest foray into kdrama? The upcoming The Silent Sea which is a futuristic space drama about essentially water pirates? Oh, not interested? Seems too far-fetched? Gotcha. Did I mention that it stars Gong Yoo?

Oh, so noooowwww you’re interested.

LAUGH, its okay, no shade on my end, I’m strictly here for a Gong Yoo series too. I mean, how long has it been? It was Goblin, right? Wasn’t that a couple of years ago? Yeah, turns out it was 2016’s Goblin. 5 years ago. (Raise your hand if you fell over when you realized Goblin is 5 years old? Is kdrama time flying by or what? My friend Thea sent me a message saying that she’d received notification it had been 6 years since Junsu’s Flower was released. How is that a reasonable fact?)

Anyway, let’s take a look at the premise besides space pirates.

Set in the future, when the planet suffers from a lack of water and food caused by desertification. Yoon Jae is a soldier for the space agency. He is selected for a team, including Ji An, to travel to the moon. Their mission is to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station.

Huh. Okay, so maybe they are not space pirates. I kind of wish they were, or I wish whoever had written this synopsis had added some spice. If not pirates, it’s at least futuristic space intrigue, the jazzy synopsis almost writes itself. Although, I guess you just have to say Gong Yoo in a tv show and people are going to watch it, am I right?

I know, I’m right.

The Silent Stream also stars Netflix favorite Bae Doona and one of my personal favorites, Lee Joon who I’m excited to see in another drama, I think it’s been a while. (Bae Doona we of course saw just last year in Kingdom 2.)

I wonder if all the action is going to be taking in space. It’s a pretty big size cast and they all appear to be in space suits so who knows. Do these people live in space? Or will they be going to space specifically for this task? Is it a regular crew who all have intermingled backstories or will they all be put together for this one job? I like the idea that they are a working crew who get this mysterious mission, but that might just because I’m thinking about Firefly.

The Silent Spring is called out as a sci-fi horror thriller, so I also wonder if what they find in the space station is not something good. Is that where the horror part will coming? I have nothing but questions and a sincere belief that I will absolutely be binge-watching this show when it comes out. I mean, when it eventually comes out. As they are still currently filming? And assuming a sci-fi horror thriller will require a lot of post-work, we don’t yet have a premiere date. I’m guessing sometime this summer, ie, too far away!


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