Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Live is Telling

Posted by SaraG on March 4, 2021


There are as many reasons that people get into Kpop as there are people that got into Kpop. While there is no doubt that for almost all of us the visuals and the fan service play a part in it, there is no escaping that the music is what keeps us. And as we get deeper and deeper into the genre, our tastes change, we learn to love things that might have driven us up a wall a year or two ago. We become less discerning. The more attached we get to certain groups or idols based on variety appearances, YouTube shows, and other fan engagements, the more forgiving we get around actual musical talent. 

We all know that many of our favs are cast on the street, based solely on looks and charisma. Company scouts hear rumors of a particularly good looking kid at a high school or troll festivals trying to spot the next big thing. This initial contact is often based 0% on someone’s ability to carry a tune or dance for hours straight without making a mistake. Once the kids are scooped up, they work relentlessly to hone whatever talent they have to turn themselves into the icons with seemingly effortless talent that we all fall in love with. But let’s be clear here, a LOT of trainees fail out, they don’t have the skills, they can’t live in poverty until they hopefully make it big, or the real world comes knocking and they go after other opportunities. A lot of those former trainees have immense talent that we’ll never get to experience and it’s a damn shame. And some of those that do make it require some…shall we call it ‘digital help’ in making sure that they are singing up to the standards of the expectant fan. This doesn’t make them any less of a Kpop Idol, being an idol isn’t just about musical talent, but it does take away some of the shine when they’re asked to perform on the spot and it’s a little less magical than we were hoping for. 

This is exactly why shows like It’s Live: Real Kpop Sound is so fascinating to me. This show asks Kpop groups to sing, live, and often in front of an actual band. They’re putting their talent on full display and it’s equal parts thrilling and nerve-wracking for fan and idol alike. Luckily, the groups we here at Kchat tend to swoon over are killer talented through and through. Here are a few of my fav appearances for your viewing pleasure.

Daisy, Pentagon

Baby Tonight, A.C.E

Beautiful Beautiful, ONF

Cinema, CIX

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