Khottie of the Week: SF9’s Taeyang

Posted by Stephanie on March 7, 2021

Khottie of the Week

First order of business, Happy belated 24th birthday, SF9’s Taeyang! Secondly, and probably more importantly, congratulations on becoming this week’s Khottie!

I’m going to admit something.

Much to Alix’s dismay, I don’t really know SF9.

I can SAY I know Rowoon.

But really, we’ll be watching SF9 and Alix will shout out “Who’s that Stephanie?”

Which is my queue to say Typhoon Rowoon!

Turns out though, there are a bunch of other members!

One of those members would be Taeyang.

He came up on the birthday list.

I said, “Hey, you’re pretty!”

And he said, “Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

From there I was astounded.

Pretty wowed actually.

He’s super distinctive.

I didn’t have to ask a single “Hey, who dis?” to the group.

I think this post is filled with only correctly chosen Taeyang pictures.

He’s that stand-outable.

I was a little disappointed when I took the Which SF9 Member Are You and didn’t come up with him.

(If you’re wondering, apparently, I’m Chani – so apparently there’s a Chani as well.)

I don’t know a lot about Taeyang.

Except he’s in SF9.

He has a great smile.

A solid smolder.

And a love of deep-cut shirts.

A serious love of deep-cut shirts.

Which says to me, “Hey, maybe you should listen to Alix and pay more attention to SF9!”


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