Musical Monday – Thank You and I’m Sorry

Posted by Alix on March 8, 2021


iKON has a comeback and it felt important that I make a comeback as well. Just like iKON this will be a single and likely brief comeback but who knows when Kingdom starts airing in April…no promises.

iKON has delivered a beautiful song wrapped in a beautiful music video and highlighted by a beautiful performance. When I first heard it was only a digital single and not at least a mini-album, I was annoyed and irritated. It’s been over a year since the last iKON release and that one was shrouded in angst. Except for one song, the rest had involved Hanbin in one way or another. Songs were rewritten and recorded again to erase any trace he existed. It was a solid album but it was iKON with a piece missing.

In one of the videos that came out prior to the release of Why Why Why one of the members commented that they’ve taken this last year to figure out and redefine. Having now listened and watched the music video multiple times as well as all the music show performances I can say this video is the letting go and moving on. I recognize on the surface it’s a song about a past relationship and I find it hard not to read so much into that. Through the symbolism throughout the music video (the phone in the water jug with the French word for past as the caller id) and the lyrics themselves (“Thought we would be together forever without any breakup”), I can’t help but see this song as both a thank you and I’m sorry. Thank you for always waiting for us and believing in us and sorry for making you wait and all that we’ve put you through. It so perfectly highlights each member’s vocal strengths and for the first time since June 2019 we see the iKON, whole in a new way. This song is the closure and as they turn away from the burning bus in the last scene of the music video, it’s iKON walking together towards what comes next. 

It’s so rare as a western fan to get closure when things go wrong in your favorite group but between Hanbin featuring on the Epik High album and this release from iKON, I’m ready and excited to see what comes next. 

Get Ready? Showtime!

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