BL and Bubbles: The March Edition

Posted by Stephanie on March 9, 2021


A new month just doesn’t mean its time to flip the pages on my A.C.E calendars (yes, that is ‘s’ as in plural) it also means that its time to take a look at the BL that’s on tap to begin in March and, of course, find the ones that we missed its previous premier. How do these keep sneaking by us? I have a feeling that the just pop up on the premier date “Surprise! It’s BL!” I mean, who’s going to say no to that gift?

As always, let’s take a look at the shows that Alix and I are watching or finished during the last month of BL and Bubble Tea.

Currently Watching

1000 Stars – Ooooh, I really like this one! I am concerned about where the story is heading, I sure hope he didn’t have anything to do with her death (you know what I mean) but I like this redemption story. A guy who has a second chance at life and wants to learn about the person who helped him live and to be worthy of his second chance. Though we seriously question the fact that someone who is 5 months off a heart transplant could live in the middle of nowhere with no electricity, no monitoring, and no…anything you’d need 5 months out from a heart transplant. We even sent a random message to a relative of Alix’s who is a cardiothoracic nurse to double-check. (There was def this conversation: “Why??”) But the actors are good and I really, really hope this doesn’t go sideways. We’re about halfway through as we skipped last week’s newest episode in order to watch the next show.

Manner of Death – Yes! We’re finally watching Manner of Death and I am HOOKED. Sure, you give side-eye to the investigation stuff. (Who else laughed when they put SDCARD up on the clue board?) But the mystery and stakes are pretty solid, the acting is good, and the chemistry, of course, is off the charts. We are 4 episodes away from the end as, once we started, we could not stop watching!

“Do we want to swap to something else now?”
“Hahaha, press play.”


We Best Love – This was a great show! I’m so glad that it ended where it did and didn’t end on some horrible cliff-hanger. Sure, they aren’t together for right now, but they’ll be together later. This, of course, is being said with the knowledge that during the time between season one and season two we find out something did happen, ripping them apart. I’m just glad they left us in our happy bubble. These two (for now) are too cute.

To My Star – I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is my favorite Korean BL so far! It has a great build-up, realistic character development, and a great story. I felt for both of these guys at the end, could see why they were together, and, though it wasn’t all tied up in a bow at the end, and feel like they have a realistic future. I’d totally watch this again!

On Hold

Cupid Coach – the first episode on this was so bad we haven’t made it back since. I keep teasing whenever Alix asks “What’s next?” that there is always Cupid Coach, we then laugh and move on. I’m sure eventually there will be a slow day and we’ll settle in and binge it all, as those bad quality shows are generally better absorbed in whole chunks, but we haven’t come across that day yet.


And now for the upcoming/currently airing shows! Please note, I’m not going to put the trailers in anymore, it seems like I no more than post these, and the Youtube videos get taken down.

Feb 5th

Brothers – 10 eps

Love between brothers. Love between a teacher and a student. A junior who wants to flirt and a senior who got carried away. Various complicated love stories among friends that are interconnected.

Will We Watch? It kind of sounds good! Not sure how we missed this before.

Feb 14th

The Alter – 10 eps

“Alter” is the story of Elmo who pretends to be his twin sister Sarah and in the process discovers something about himself.

Will we watch? Ummm is this a reverse of every other gender-bending show? I’m kind of intrigued! 

Feb 27th

Padayon – 10 eps

This is not a classic boys’ love (BL) story; this one will tackle social issues. From sexual abuse, mental health problems, divorce, gender discrimination, bullying, and a lot more; this BL series is unlike any other.

This, too, will represent Filipino culture as it also tackles the Filipino jeepney phaseout; the title is written in Baybayin; and other sides of our daily lives as Filipinos will be discussed. But yes, it is a BL, and it will not go off its track.

Will We Watch? I don’t need all my shows to be honky dory, but this sounds super angsty, and I’m having a bit of trouble with that right now. Though that being said, it does say it right in the synopsis, IT WILL NOT GO OFF ITS TRACK. Do we trust them? 

March 1st

Bad Roommate – 30 eps (5 minutes each)

What is the secret between them (roommate)?

Will We Watch? Oooh this could be the new Ingredients! That bite-sized show you use as filler between episodes of the main show you’re watching! 

March 5th

We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd – 6 eps

The sequel to “No. 1 For You” takes place five years after Zhou Shu Yi and Gao Shi De graduated college. Their story will unfold as they juggle work responsibilities and personal life at the same time.

Will We Watch? Umm did you miss how much I liked season one? Though this one looks more angsty, I’m super in. I’m interested to see how they do the jump from college to the adult working world. 

March 6th

Pisces the Series – 11 eps

Do you believe in the power of astrology? In this online world, would it be possible to fall in love virtually? Would you let the stars decide your destiny? Pisces The Series showcases the unique and colorful story of Pisces who falls in love but eventually got his heart broken.

Will We Watch? Meeeehhhh, I can’t say no, but this thing isn’t screaming out at me. 

Kiss The Night – 12 eps

It’s about two guys love for one guy. It’s a story about unexpected love and cheating. It’s about fighting for family, for identity, and for love.

Will We Watch? Hrm, I don’t actually know about this one. I am not super into cheating storylines. I love that we’re in a place where we can actually be choosy about which shows that we watch though. We’ve come a long way. 


Between Us – 15 eps

A romantic comedy about love, lies, and sacrifices between two boys.

Will We Watch? I am def going to have to go out and find the teaser for this as I’m going to need more than this synopsis and that ‘poster’ to make an informed decision. 

March 14th

HIStory4: Close to You – 20 Eps

Managing the sales division of one of the most sought-after wedding planning companies in the country, Xiao Li Chen is a no-nonsense man who knows how to get a job done and get it done right. Straightforward and bold, Li Chen can close a deal without even blinking an eye. But when it comes to love, Li Chen is the first to admit that he could use a little help. Having harbored a crush on Liu Mei Fang since childhood, Li Chen decides that the only way to attract the attention of his life-long love is to recruit the help of his co-worker, Teng Mu Ren. Knowing Mei Fang is a bit of a fujoshi, Li Chen asks Mu Ren to be his “date”, hoping the attention of the handsome Mu Ren will spark Mei Fang’s interest in him. But what starts as an innocent act between friends soon begins to morph into something more.

Meanwhile, the company’s creative director, Ye Xing Si finds himself caught in an equally unexpected relationship with his two-faced step-brother, Fu Yong Jie, a medical student with an inexplicable obsession with Xing Si. As opposite from each other as night and day, the two brothers can’t seem to escape the tangled web they have inadvertently woven around each other.

As the four men struggle to understand their feelings, they begin to realize that when it comes to matters of the heart, anything is possible. But will they allow themselves to follow where their hearts lead?


Hidden Love

It’s the story of a group of university students who are quarantined in a dorm together for 14 days during the COVID-19 breakout. As they get close to each other, they get involved in the mystery of a love tragedy that took place 10 years ago. The closer they get to the root, the more their love blooms, but the danger is also lurking everywhere.

Will We Watch? There isn’t a lot of intel on this one. It doesn’t have an episode count, but it def has a release date of 3/14 (although those have been known to move around in the BL world). I’m interested in the synopsis. If it does turn out to be a series, it would be the first Thai BL that actually broaches the COVID situation. I wonder if theirs would be as good, or compelling as Filipino ones.

March 29th

Second Chance

No synopsis available.

Will We Watch? Well, no teaser, no synopsis, no episode list, but a super cute poster. Hmmm…. plus the main leads were in TharnType! Despite all the nos, my answer will probably be a yes!


So that’s what we have for this month! If I missed any, please let me know, otherwise, happy watching!


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