Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Enjoy the Vistas

Posted by SaraG on March 11, 2021


Last year, because 2020 was so challenging and Kpop was one of the only things helping us through, a few of us did a top 25 at the end of June in addition to our top 50 at the end of December. And while we were pulling together those longer lists at year’s end, we had a chat about if we would ever be able to do a top however many of all time. Not if we would do it, but if we would ever be able to. We’ve all been through A LOT of music and so much of it holds precious memories and pinpoints very specific moments in our histories. Picking just a handful to represent our musical core is admittedly challenging, if not impossible. 

I highly doubt we will ever make lists like that or even put in effort to try. It’s incredibly daunting. However, it HAS gotten me thinking about what songs would definitely make the cut, songs like Kunst’s Parachute, Niihwa’s Gravity, The Rose’s Sorry, but to be honest, I have over 250 top songs on my list. Weeding would be an incredible feet. 

SHINee came out with a new album this past week, the first since many of the members went in and subsequently came out of the military. The video was big and flashy and the styling had some…questionable moments, but I actually like the song well enough without the visuals. As part of promotions, they members went on ODG and since I love watching idols with kids so much, I thought I’d share that link here even though it’s not so old…


Relevant to this post, though, the group walks kids born years AFTER their debut through their musical catalog and I was, as always, surprised at how many hits this group has really had. There’s no getting around it, they’re just fabulous. It also got me thinking about the song View. Honestly, one of the best songs ever. It’s both dated and timeless. It’s club and poolside. And it’s wonderful. This song absolutely makes my list.

View, SHINee

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